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Why Mini Blinds Are A Perfect Fit For Your Entry Door

Why Mini Blinds Are A Perfect Fit For Your Entry Door

Exterior Doors & Curb Appeal

The things we accord the least importance are often the ones that deserve the most attention. Doors are an example of this. Exterior doors in particular are extremely important for your homes as they are the first thing that people notice about your house. There are different types of exterior doors and they are integral to your curb appeal and contribute to energy efficiency in more ways than one. The doors you choose must be well-functioning ones as you will be required to use them regularly. Entry doors and patio doors are perfect examples of exterior doors.

The Need to Dress Entry/Front Doors

Entry doors can be made of wood, glass and steel. Each looks fascinating in their own way and adds to the beauty and appeal of your homes. If you have entry doors made of glass, while they are fascinating to look at, they need to be covered well. Doors contain the large expanse of glass which can cause major heat gain and loss causing your electricity bills to shoot up uncontrollably. Glass also reveals the interiors of the house to the passer-by which compromises with privacy and security of your home. Glass doors must be treated with blinds, shades or even drapes to cover them well and make them functional and also add aesthetic appeal and interest.

With blinds or shades a must for your front/entry doors, you must be at your wit’s end trying to gauge which covering to opt for, give the number of options you are bombarded with. There are Venetian blinds, mini blinds, Roman Shades, Cellular Shades, Roller Shades and the list continues. How will you know which blind will be the best for your doors?
Mini Blinds for Entry Door

What are Mini Blinds?

While other options are not to be discarded, it has been proved that mini blinds make the best coverage for your gorgeous entry doors. So what are mini blinds?

Aluminum blinds or mini blinds are among the most versatile and functional window treatments in the market today. They are horizontal blinds made of long narrow slats that are held together with the help of a string. They are referred to as mini because their slat sizes are less than half the width of regular Venetian blinds. The slat sizes vary between ½”, 1” and 2”. Mini blinds are smart, durable and sleek. Their streamlined appearance makes them a great choice for the doors. Your doors are extremely busy because they are used throughout the day and regularly. This means that you cannot opt for a window treatment that will come in the way or interfere with the functionality of the doors. They must remain restricted to their given space and not get damaged or affected with constant opening and closing of the doors. Hence the blinds that you choose must be sturdy and be able to get out of the way easily when you are operating your door.

Mini Blinds for Entry Doors

Mini blinds meet all these conditions.
• Aluminium mini blinds are among the most durable and long-lasting window treatments. They are dust resistant, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and fire retardant. Front door blinds are bound to encounter more dust or even stains. This makes mini blinds a suitable option for your entry doors.
• Aluminium mini blinds are also moisture resistant and does not warp or peel off when exposed to humidity.
• The mini slats give excellent light control. The slats need to be adjusted accordingly to let in less or more light. They allow diffused light to stream through.
• When closed they allow almost negligible light gaps at the bottom and around the sides.
• The blinds can be adjusted for an outside view and for preserving your privacy. You can enjoy privacy without blocking out light completely.
• Mini blinds take up little space when they are raised.
• Mini blinds are easy to maintain and care for. You do not have to invest much time or money in maintaining these blinds in good health. This works well for entry doors. A fabric blind may not be able to handle the traffic and would require greater maintenance.
• Aluminium mini blinds are available in a range of colors to suit your interior decor. Though made of aluminum these blinds can be customized to look quite stunning and add aesthetic interest to the doors apart from functionality. Entry doors are big and they can easily become a focal point in the room hence aesthetically blinds must be able to justice.
• Mini blinds are also available in cordless variants which makes them a child and pet-friendly option. With doors operating throughout the day, corded blinds would be messy. Cordless blinds give a streamlined and neat appearance to the doors.
• Mini blinds take up a small amount of depth, so they sit closer to your door and keep a low profile. If measured properly, they make a great fit and sit well on the doors.
• Their low profile can also allow them to clear most handles if the door handle sticks out and inward toward the glass.
• Mini blinds are also extremely economical and budget-friendly and hence works well for large glass doors.
Easy maintenance, light-weight, sleek appearance sans excesses and customized fit makes mini blinds a popular choice for entry/front doors. Apart from aluminum mini blinds, Cellular shades are also used frequently for these doors. If you have shifted to a new house and looking for options to dress your door or want to replace the existing ones, give the mini blinds a shot and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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