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Why Our Designer Banded Shades Have Homeowners Talking

Designer Banded Shades

Firstly, What are Designer Banded Shades?

Banded shades are a revolutionary window covering concept that puts you in the driver’s seat regarding incoming light control and privacy. At any time of the day or night, you can choose whichever section of the window shade to don your room. If you want light in your room for reading the morning paper or while you are studying or writing a paper, then you can adjust the shades to allow some light through the sheer fabrics. If you want complete privacy for those intimate moments with your loved ones, these shades can do that for you too.

What’s the Buzz About These Amazing Shades?

These dual layer shades are the epitome of modern stylized interior window coverings. Inventive design, stylish design, latest in window dressing fashions, these window shades have great upscale appeal. If you want to elevate your interior designing spaces and the style of your areas, install these babies, and your home could be the talk of the town! Upgrade your lifestyle with these quality two-layer shades. These shades bring the ‘wow’ factor to any space of your home. Gorgeous and divine to look at, they bring light control and privacy settings to a whole new level.
Dual Sheer Shades with Blackout Fabric

Where Fashion Meets Functionality

There are plenty of sheer window shades in the market, but the window covering that stands out the most is banded shades. Versatile and sleek, these shades match any décor for any home.

While most sheer shades only have sheer and blackout, there are also dual sheer shades that have a zebra shade on the front and a blackout roller shade on the back. Imagine in one quick motion; you get light filtering, room darkening and even blackout all in one! These dual-layer sheer shades can change the lighting, mood, and ambiance of a room at any given point in time. Talk about comfort and convenience for any homeowner! If you want an unobstructed view of the outside, then roll the entire shading component system up. Enjoy your surroundings better and bask in the incoming natural light flooding the spaces of your room.

What Constitutes a Banded Shade?

A banded shade consists of two layers of window shading into one. It is made up of alternate solid and sheer bands that are fused into a single shading system. You can match these shades with the décor of any space inside your house. Why? The reason being that there are many fabric shades for you to choose from in its vast collections. Textures, designs, patterns, and styles are all available in room darkening and light filtering capacities. Coupled with a supreme operational shading system, these dual layer shades are ideal for any area. Most of these shades come with a cassette valance wrapped in fabric to cover the roll at the top.

Features of These Shades

• Easy to clean
• Suitable for large windows
• Offers moderate energy efficiency
• Compared to most window covers there is minimal stacking space required
• Protects flooring, furniture, and artwork from damaging UV rays
• Provides superb flexibility to one single shade
• Offers a chic solution for privacy, view-through and light control
• Offers aesthetic consistency in one space
• Available in motorized, remote control and wall switch options
• Can work with third-party controllable systems and home automation systems
Designer Series Banded Shades

Flexible Functionality Features

Open position: In this position, the sheer bands align themselves to create soft filtered light and a see-through view
Closed position: In this position, the sheer and solid bands align themselves to provide privacy and light blockage
Raised position: In this position, the shade is fully raised to clear the view of the window.

Sheer Shadings Are In Style

If you choose to install these shades, remember that one component of this shading system will be sheer based. So, to throw some light on these types of shadings, here is a bit of information on them along with its many types available in the market. By pure definition, these shades are a secure method to diffuse and filter incoming natural light. You can also combine them with other window coverings or as a standalone shading. They add a bit of softness to the ambiance of your room. You can easily match them to your home décor. They are also perfect for sliding glass doors and wide-spaced windows.

Types of Sheer Window Shades

The best places to use sheer shadings are in the bedroom and the dining area. Such shades are the ideal combination of shade and a blind mixed together. Here are the types of sheer window dressings. They are as follows:
Light filtering sheer shades: Theses shades diffuse natural incoming light and add a softness to your spaces.
Room darkening sheer shades: When you use these shades, some light is blocked during the day, while the majority of the outside view is blocked at night.

Dual blackout sheer shades: These dual shades have a front zebra sheer style and a back blackout roller style in one housing. This unique product allows for blackout on top of the normal sheer or light filtering options.
Most sheer shadings come with a continuous cord loop mechanism for convenient operation. You can go one step further by upgrading to a motorized wand or remote-controlled motorization.
Zebra Sheer Shades

A Banded Shade that Bonds With Your Home

It is common knowledge by its sheer functionality that regular shades have issues when it comes to flexibility. In the past, many homeowners faced this common problem. Due to their fixed design, you could do only so much to control the amount of incoming light to a certain degree. If such shades are not your thing, then that’s okay, you can always take a look at Zebra Sheer Designer Shades. These shades combine the beauty of fabric with the versatile light control of a regular blind. They are available in attractive designs, styles, and colors with varying opacity levels.

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