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Why Remote Control Blinds Are No Longer A Luxury, But A Necessity!

Why Remote Control Blinds Are No Longer A Luxury, But A Necessity!

A few years ago, people perhaps thought the installation of motorized blinds in their homes was a luxury. How cool does it sound to automatically tilt the window blinds to get the right amount of natural light filtering?

However, this “pretty cool idea” isn’t a good reason to explore motorized blinds.

The kind of comfort and convenience the remote blinds give is no longer appropriate to just be considered a luxury. Instead, remote blinds have become a necessity in the modern world.

Yes, the opening and closing of the blinds or shades with just a button touch may look like a fantasy from “The Jetsons”. However, the fact is that remote blinds are a real necessity in today’s life!

These advanced remote blinds are revolutionary contemporary window treatments that automatically tilt with remote control channels. This makes their operation smoother for large, hard to reach windows. How?

You can easily control several blinds together using the various remote controls. But, what if we tell you that there are various other significant reasons to install motorized blinds? If you want to know more about them, keep reading!

Why is it so Necessary in Modern Homes?

Motorized blinds have become an integral part of light filtration in the smart home. Nowadays, convenient designs and strategies are essential in every situation of our lives. We have smartphones, smart televisions, air conditioners, remote controlled fans and other modern things that operate with just a touch.

Now, if we find something that doesn’t work with a button touch, we perceive that the technology is not up to the mark. Besides, there are infinite examples that you will realize how motorized blinds can come into use. Suppose your window covering is behind your sturdy sofa set, or high up and out of reach. How would you open or close the window covering?

The motorized blinds give you an opportunity to lower your blinds together at once effortlessly. This is absolutely suitable to prevent the entrance of light when you do not need it. Again, using remote blinds provides you with a peaceful and relaxing time. You can automatically open the blinds of your room to get the morning sunshine after you spring out of your bed.

Next, you can simply close the blinds with one touch when you want to eliminate the entrance of unwanted UV rays. At night, you can keep your room unhindered by street lights that could mess up your sound sleep.

Consequently, each of these common aspects makes remote blinds a must-have modern home solution.

Easy To Operate Large Windows

If you have custom windows in your home that goes up straight to the ceiling or in hard-to-reach areas, like behind the furniture, remote blinds can come to your help. The motorized blinds can change the complex task of opening and closing blinds from such areas to an effortless one.

With this type of modern blinds and shades, you do not have to risk your life and dangerously climb up to get the right amount of filtered light. Plus, you can even omit the need of drawing the blinds one at a time in order to open or close in the hard to reach areas. This tedious process is not only time consuming but also tiresome.

So, the installation of motorized blinds is ideal to instantly operate them with just a hit on the button of the remote control or using your smartphone. 

Convenient for Big Houses

Can you imagine getting up and walking across all the rooms in your home to move the blinds? Automatic blinds can be a necessity, especially for homes that are huge. If there are multiple windows, it is not possible to open or close them one by one. It could be a tedious process for the person who does the job every day. In many cases, most homeowners do not even use their blinds often because it is so tedious, meaning you lose out on a lot of the regular utility and functionality of normal blinds. Motorized blinds not only allow you to control all the blinds in your home simultaneously, but you can set multiple schedules to have them adjust according to temperature or time of the day.

Plus, if the homeowner is ill or elderly, the motorized blinds can help them effectively operate without causing trouble to them. With the remote, they can conveniently open and close the blinds sitting at one place.

Provides Safety to Child and Pets

The safety of children is among the top priorities of every home, and modern technologies are also about that. Hence, it is going on preventing the children from encountering various household hazards. The regular cords of the blinds can strangulate danger, especially for children and pets in the home environment. Hundreds of children suffer from injuries caused by blind cords.

However, the use of remote blinds and window shades effectively eliminate the dangling of the blind cords. Accordingly, this provides much-needed safety to children.

An Investment in Itself

Apart from possessing as a threat to children, blind cords also reduce the longevity of the window treatments. Moreover, someone unknowingly may pull the cords out of its framework or completely dislodge them. Hereafter, you will have to do the job of fixing a big hole inside the wall or plaster. Certainly, no one would want that to happen, right?

So, when automatic window treatments can improve their longevity, why wouldn’t homeowners take advantage of such benefits? The best part is that homeowners can automate several types of window treatments.

Furthermore, many homeowners upgrade their regular blinds to remote blinds before reselling. Motorized blinds help in increasing the resale value of the home.

So, whether you want to live peacefully or resale your home, improving the regular blinds into motorized ones is an excellent way of investment.


Motorized blinds are a smart choice to save up on electricity bills. Its smart features help to insulate the interior space and efficiently conserve energy.

Provides Security

Whether you leave for a long vacation or an emergency at night, motorized blinds can be controlled remotely. Its ability to set up a timer to remotely open and close will prevent any thief or would-be intruders from entering your home. In addition, your home garden will also get the right amount of rays on a perfectly sunny day.

Hence, all these aspects indicate that whether you choose motorized blinds for their luxurious appearance, the vast benefits make them necessary and convenient.

Final Thoughts

Only having pretty window treatments is not enough to set up a perfect smart home. The modern world is everything about the magic of remote control.

In short, motorized blinds are remote blinds that offer you multiple benefits. Along with convenient use, installing them can give you peace of mind, increase your safety and save both time and energy with just a touch of a remote button.

The automation features help to make this treatment an energy-efficient window covering. It prevents the space from harmful UV light, controls the room temperature and secures the furniture. Also, you can customize the motorized blinds according to the size and your preferences.

Furthermore, you can get smart remote blinds having all these efficient features at an affordable price at ZebraBlinds. However, unless you get them in your own space, you will not be able to get to know what you are really missing out fully. So, visit ZebraBlinds and check out the best remote blinds at the most amazing deals.

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