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Why Short Drapes for Windows Might Be A Good Idea

Mounting Short Drapes on Windows for A Charming Aesthetic

When it comes to dressing up windows, there are multiple options to choose from, starting from window blinds to curtains, shutters to valances and cornices, and much more. But if you are someone who is passionate about a fashionable and voguish window, then curtains or drapes are great and versatile choices to go for. There is a massive collection of drapes available in the window fashion world along with attractive hues and texture collections. Drapes are one of the most practical and reliable window solutions when we talk about functionality. From blocking out the excess daylight to providing privacy, preventing glare from being efficient when it comes to insulation, these window designs play a vital role for your aesthetics. Drapes and curtains have dominated window treatment markets for the longest time that one can remember but despite the competition, they have continued to enjoy popularity among homeowners. They are classic timeless beauties that continue to enthrall people and weave magic in their homes.

It’s extremely easy to get a drape that will match your existing décor style while setting the perfect mood for the particular space. But have you ever thought about the length of your window drape? Drapes come in different length and width sizes to fit the windows perfectly. In most discussion threads we have always insisted that curtains should be hung high and extend the full length of the windows and drop till the floor. They create illusion of a larger space, make ceilings appear higher than they are and look majestic and regal. But sometimes you might wonder whether short drapes are also feasible for our windows. Are short drapes equally fashionable and impactful? Well, the answer varies depending on the size and shape of the window. If your drape doesn’t fit the window correctly, then it will make your windows feel unfashionable and dowdy.
Short Drapes

If you are planning to mount short drapes on the windows, then this article might help you to get the right perspective of the consequences of such experimentation. There is no secret that short drape doesn’t look great on large windows or wide windows as they do not offer complete coverage and can create difficulties addressing the functional aspects. But short drapes look astounding on small windows or windows whose length and width is less than your drape size as they can create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere while offering your space multiple functional and practical values. There are more reasons that will state why short drapes for windows might be a great idea –

• Short draperies create a neat and clean look for your interior. Hanging them short will create a sophisticated and modish look on the windows. Customizing these dressings with proper color and texture will give your overall décor a seamless look while bringing warmth and elegance to your space.
• Right fit gives any window the perfect coverage which means more functional values. By offering various benefits, these drapes can be the perfect addition of your home décor.
• Short drapes are perfect for kids’ rooms to avoid untoward incidents arising out of yards of loose fabric. They also look neat and smart.
• Getting the perfect coverage means you are enhancing the safety and security level of your house. Keeping the curtains close will keep the prying eyes of the strangers out of the home and enhance the privacy level of your decor.
• Sometimes, short curtains can be a great choice if your room has the presence of heat-producing radiators or heaters.
• Small drapes save you extra as they require less fabric. Since they are extremely affordable you can change them often and go for new looks for your home without breaking your bank budget.
• Small draperies are flexible enough that you can easily adjust them without putting much effort.
• If your room has more than one window, then dressing them all with short drapes will bring the space together.
• Do not accumulate more dust or dirt, hence easy to clean and maintain. Dusting and vacuuming will easily remove all the dirty particles, making your drapes look like new.
• Easy to install, do not take much time to mount them on the windows.
• Short drapes look beautiful in kitchens and they are feasible as well in kitchens, you cannot have long and flowing curtains as they are not safe. Short curtains look pretty in kitchens.
Short Window Draperies
But there is one negative side of installing these drapes on small windows. They can cut the visual height of your room in half. If you install floor-length curtains on small windows, then they create an illusion of larger windows but short drapes won’t do that. But this doesn’t affect the other aspects because of their enhanced reliability and feasibility, instead short drapes help to highlight the windows in an elegant way.

Short drapes are good for small windows, or make sure the window you are planning to dress up should perfectly co-ordinate with these draperies. Remember, proper customization and installation can help you to get all the benefits you are looking for. Browse now to check all the drapes which are worthy of investment and style your windows in a dramatic way. For any doubt or help, reach out to the professionals and they will assist you with all your queries!

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