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Why Sliding Panels and Shades Make Great Room Dividers


Tired of having to tidy up your home office after a long day? Would it not be nice if you could keep it all out of view when the room is being used for something else? Maybe, your little one loves to be near you when you are watching TV, but the toys don’t really go with the classy décor of your living room. Using a big room for multiple purposes is a very practical thing to do, if only it didn’t look so mess.

The answer to all of these problems is having a non-permanent or flexible room-divider. This way, you can easily keep the mess out of view when required, while saving precious time in daily tidy-up duties. Room dividers also save energy, and give you adequate privacy, allowing you to enjoy your time in a comfortable and relaxed manner.

Some Room Divider Ideas

There is more to room-dividers than just privacy. They also add to the looks and functionalities of the room. Check out the following ideas that would allow you to divide the room without detracting from the design theme or beauty of the room.

Bookshelf as a Divider

Bookshelves are versatile storage solutions, which can also double as a stylish room dividers. Depending on how much privacy you want for your room, you can decorate the book shelf as densely as you wish. Books, DVDs, and music, along with personal items like picture frames or collectibles, would give the room divider an authentic feel which would add to the overall charm of the room.

Rope Wall

A rope wall is another innovative idea that divides the room without compromising on the space. While the room gets divided, you will still be able to retain the light and visibility of the entire room. A rope room divider can also add some earthen texture to your room, which would in turn, which would add to the rustic feel of the room. Compliment the look with potted plants and colorful rugs.

Wood-Slatted Room Divider

Another great solution is a wood-slatted room divider. This beautiful room divider can be decorated with plants, pictures, small pottery, and other beautiful artifacts to give it a lovely summer feel. It stealthily divides a room into two neat parts, without making the place look crowded or tight.

Roller Shade Divider

Roller shade divider is another nice option, that gives you the flexibility of a completely removable room divider. Hang them near the ceiling, and you will have a flexible barrier from the roof to the floor. You can also position them at different heights, to create a beautiful visual scheme.

Sliding Panel Divider

Sliding panel divider can be a very good solution when you need to divide a room for more privacy, insulation, and noise cancellation. If your room needs to be split into areas that need a lot more peace and tranquillity than the other half, sliding panel blinds are a great option. These blinds run from the top to the bottom of the room, providing full coverage, which alone is responsible for a wide range of benefits.

What are the Benefits of Sliding Panels as Room Dividers?

There are many reasons why a sliding panel would be an ideal room divider for your room.

Good Privacy: If privacy is your aim for dividing the room, you will find panel track blinds an ideal solution. As these blinds can be made from materials that are either opaque or completely solid, you can be assured of complete privacy for the enclosed area. If your room has been divided to carve out a personal space, the privacy that comes with sliding panels blinds would be greatly appreciated.

Ease of Operation: Ease of operation is another factor that would be greatly appreciated. These blinds run on tracks that hang from the ceiling. This keeps them off the floor, and allows the users to have an easy time in sliding them open or closed. As the panels stack up on one end or in the middle, you will have a lot of flexibility in arranging the room divider. Just a gentle push is all you will need to operate these panel track blinds which would take away a lot of stress from the daily operation of these room dividers.

Great Looks: Sliding panel shades come in attractive good looks that would be a big hit with any décor style. Neat and compact, these shades can be incorporated to give your room a finished look. Also, these shades are suitable for covering a wide area. So, if you have a big space to cordon off, you will find these shades as a suitable solution.

Enhanced Insulation: Panel track blinds or shades can be constructed from a wide range of materials. As a result, you can choose to have an enhanced insulating layer as a room divider, which not only keeps your room separate, but also allows you to save energy. For instance, if you are only occupying a small portion of the room, there is no need to heat up or cool down the entire room. Just shut close the panels and heat up only the portion that is in use. This way, you will be making huge savings on your energy usage.

Flexible Light-Filtration: The flexibility of fabric also allows you to have varied levels of light-filtration. Depending on your requirements, you can have a light-filtering to a blackout fabric installed in the panels. With light-filtering fabric, you still get some benefit of natural light, while with blackout fabric, you can enjoy the most-desired blackout effect. A blackout material would be a huge advantage in a study or bedroom, while a light-filtering panel track blind would work great for a playroom or dining area.

Use these flexible and fashionable panel track blinds and shades to create a style statement for your room, while making most of the available floor space.

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