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Replacing Window Blinds – Signs You Need to Say Goodbye!

Replace Window Blinds

Why Should You Consider Replacing Your Window Blinds?

Window coverings are an essential piece of any home or office decoration, and they play a crucial part of our home’s fashion and aesthetic. Window coverings can also help us save money and energy by preventing heat from coming in during the summer and escape during the winter. Also, they protect our floors, art, and furniture from the damaging UV rays.

But are you aware of the hidden dangers that your old blinds, drapes, and window coverings may present to you, your loved ones, and your pets?

Time to replace your window blinds

Replace Blind Slats

As much as we would like to purchase everything just once, there comes the point when you have to start replacing things that you may have installed years ago. When it comes to your window blinds, regardless of which type of window coverings you had chosen years ago, you might have to replace your window blinds and start looking for brand new window treatments.

Before You Order – Ask Yourself These Questions

Before you replace old window treatments, ask yourself some questions to evaluate your old windows and if you need benefits of new ones. Should you repair or replace your old blinds? Are your old window blinds worth repairing? What’s the best way to replace your window blinds? Should you replace them immediately, and all at once? Will the new window treatments fit your home’s style?

Confused about what to do? That is the reason we are here to help you with all your questions.

Signs That You Need To Replace Your Window Blinds

Natural light and shadow can create exciting effects in any room, and window coverings are responsible for most stunning and eye-catching room features. But in the same way, old window treatments can detract from the room’s decor and bring down a room’s entire look.

If it’s been awhile since you updated your window treatments, there’s no better time than the present. Don’t believe it? Here are just a few reasons why you may want to go ahead and replace your window treatments right now.

  • Damaged or Broken Slats? Replace Your Blind Slats! Faux wood window blinds can become warped due to sun damage, and real wood window blinds can become damaged due to humidity or water. There’s nothing more unsightly than warped slats, and this is the perfect time to replace the old with the brand new ones.
  • Difficult to Raise or Close? It could be that the lifting mechanism is about to break or it has already seen the end of its lifestyle. Whatever the reason, you need to be able to open and close your window blinds. If that’s not possible, it could be a sign that it’s time for new window blinds.
  • Are the slats discoloured or faded? All blinds may experience some fading from the sun, although newer materials offer more UV protection. However, if your blinds have dramatically yellowed or discoloured, this is most likely a sign of material deterioration.
  • Safety Issues? Maybe your old window coverings are not safe for kids and pets. Did you know that blinds with exposed cords are a strangulation hazard for small children and pets? Secure your home with our latest cordless window treatments. Look for Cordless Cellular Honeycomb Shades, Roman Shades, Solar, or Roller Shades.
  • Didn’t meet your window requirements – Just because your blinds or shades look to be in prime condition doesn’t mean that they are the right product for the job. Consider upgrading to a higher quality product that better meets your needs.
  • Out of Style? Older window treatments not only make your home look outdated, but they are likely worn out and could be dangerous. Replace them to get the latest trendy style in your room.
  • Slats don’t close tightly? If your slats have a larger gap between them when closed then they initially did, or your tilt wand seems to be mostly for show as the slats don’t move, it means the tilt mechanism has probably become unusable. So it’s better to replace the entire blind.

Benefits of Replacing Window Treatments

Benefits of Replacing Window Blinds

New window treatments are more than just an aesthetic issue. They can help make your home more comfortable, secure, and help save you money in the long run.

#1. Enhance the look of your home

There is almost no easier way to change the look of a room than to replace your window treatments. If you love fancy blinds or shades, it takes minimal effort to modernize your room. You can motorize your blinds to give your room a smart look and smart functionality, allowing you to operate your window coverings from anywhere in your room.

#2. Save money by replacing window blinds

Yes!! You heard it right. Now you can save your money by replacing your window treatments. Replacing your old window coverings with new ones means they will be more effective at insulation and saving on your energy bills. We offer the best-priced window blinds that are affordable and still give your room a modern and smart look. Order now to get the best deals on our selected products along with free shipping.

#3. Improve your home’s security and privacy

Replacing your old window treatments not only helps you to make your windows look nicer, but they will maintain your privacy in the room and keep your home more secure.

A Simple and Effective Solution to Your Problems – Replace Your Window Blinds and Shades!!

Remember, staying up to date with what’s new and happening applies to your window coverings as well, ensuring that your decor choices and window blinds match. There’s nothing like brand new window blinds to give your home decor a bit of a make-over because a new blind will transform your room to give you the modern and perfect look that you were looking for.

If you would like expert’s advice, ZebraBlinds designers are ready to help you. Get your free samples to know which window treatment will best fit your room. Ask our experts to customize your products for your room.

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