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Why Top-Down-Bottom-Up Lifts have become a Must-Have for Your Shades?

Why Top-Down-Bottom-up Lifts have become a Must-Have for your Shades?

Choosing a Window Shade: Daunting Task

Deciding to get a new pair of blinds or shades for your windows can be both exciting and overwhelming. Exciting because your windows and rooms will be getting a makeover and a brand new look. Overwhelming because zeroing down on a shade can be a challenging task. The moment you step into the window treatment market you are bombarded with a plethora of blinds and shades, innumerable features, varied operational mechanisms, etc. every shade has something unique to offer so how do you know which one to choose for your homes? It is advisable to understand the needs and demands of your rooms before you start exploring different window treatments. What does your room need? Light filtration? Privacy protection? Light blockage or insulation? Or are you looking for multiple features to address your varied concerns?

What to Look out for?

The most common problem for any room is the need for light filtration and privacy. You want your privacy to be maintained at all costs and to cut off the inside view of the house from outsiders. But in most cases to preserve privacy you have to keep the windows covered which blocks out light and view of the outside which is not desirable. And allowing light and protecting your view of the outside can compromise your privacy. So are there are shade or blind that can help to achieve both? Sounds difficult but fortunately, we now have these amazing top-down-bottom-up window shades that make a brilliant addition to your rooms. As the name suggests unlike the traditional shades, these shades can be opened not only from bottom to top but also from the top and this makes it a valuable addition for your homes.
Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb Shades

TDBU Shades & Their Advantages

Let us take a quick look at some of the advantages of this shade that set it apart from the rest and make it a must-have for your homes.

Need for Privacy & Light Harmonized
Traditional shades open only one way which means that if you are looking for privacy you will have to close the entire shade and if you want light you will have to draw the whole shade up which will expose your entire room to those outside. There is a middle path. This is where top-down-bottom-up shades make a huge impact. With these shades, you can always get light in your room. if you want light and a view of the outside you can opt for a bottom-up mechanism. When you need privacy the top-down part of the shade comes in handy. It will keep the top part of the window open which will allow light to stream through and help to cut out the direct glare of the sun. Your privacy remains protected. It will also help you save on your energy costs as a continuous flow of natural light will ensure that you do not have to fall back on artificial lights till sundown.

More Flexibility
Every room gets a different amount of natural light at different times of the day as the sun makes its journey from the east to the west. Your need for light control and privacy also shifts during the day and the top-down-bottom-up shades can be adjusted accordingly. This gives you greater flexibility and control.

Control Sun’s Glare
With these versatile shades, you can also ensure unmatched glare control. As the sun moves up the sun’s glare also changes direction. You can adjust your shades to keep the glare out while allowing light to filter through. This works beautifully for office spaces where one has to work on screens and other reflective surfaces and the glare can interfere with work.
Top Down Bottom Up Shades

TDBU Blackout Shades

Top-down-bottom-up blackout shades are a brilliant choice for your bedrooms. You get the best of all the features loaded into one shade. You get natural sunlight and outside view during the day and complete blackout and privacy during the night.

You can get them customized to incorporate additional features to these top-down-bottom-up shades. You can get TDBU blackout cellular shades and TDBU light filtering cellular shades for enhanced insulation for the winter months. If you have kids and pets in the house you can opt for cordless control. This will help to do away with cords and strings that can cause strangulation. They also give a neat and sleek appearance to the shades.
You will not find a better window treatment solution for your home than these extremely feature-rich TDBU shades. A single shade that can address multiple concerns of your home can be a great addition to your windows. No more layered window treatment solutions are required once you get these shades mounted on your windows.

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