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Why would anyone go for a Venetian blind when the only limitation to finding an alternative for the purpose is imagination? Take one minute and list out the alternatives that come to mind. Fabric, bamboo, reed, hessian, wood, thoughtfully designed window panels, one way glass … the list can be as long as your imagination and the time limit allows. So why have blinds been on top of the wish list for window and door accessories in space decor?


One of the first ‘modern’ buildings to use Venetian blinds was the Rockefeller Center in New York, in the 19Types of Window blinds - Faux wood blinds Canada39. Very soon some spaces within the premises came to be known as the as the center of operations for the British Intelligence, British Security Coordination (BSC), during the Second World War. This should give us an insight into our original question. Users of this top secret facility, as pioneers, would have appreciated the value of blinds in terms of the intrusive privacy that it easily provided. Intrusive in the sense that blinds are sleek and blend seamlessly into the structure of the construction and can be easily operated to switch silently from providing total cover to being fully open. Hey, we’re talking about a top secret environment where even the sound of a curtain being drawn can trigger cloak and dagger conclusions and provide signals to vested interests – in this case spies with a brief to infiltrate and report every move of the allied forces, information that could have had an impact upon the killing fields that was Europe.


In the home context, though, secrecy is hardly of any consequence. Aesthetics, easy installation, easy operational, easy maintenance, durability and economy are factors that come up for consideration during the decision-making process. While the location, design, material and reason for desiring a cover will ultimately decide the actual material used, modern Venetian blinds provide more pros than cons in any situation. The versatility of blinds places it in a unique position in the pecking order.


Talking about the ease of operational, think of situations when you wanted just the right amount of natural light streaming into your room to suit your mood. Very few options will allow you to easily fine tune the adjustment to the exact setting that a modern blind allows. Again, think of the moments when you wish to have neither light-filtering nor darkening. The control is at your fingertips, and with advances in technology, at the press of a button. The specifications of blinds are more suited for remote control than any alternate option.


Remote control blinds leads us to the arena of the future and futuristic homes. In spite of the comforting complacency that nostalgia visits upon us, most of us have this innate desire to be future ready, whether in terms of knowledge, thinking or living. When we think of futuristic homes don’t we imagine sleek, glassy, temperature and climate controlled Eco-friendly homes? Isn’t a perfectly fitted blind of precisely the right color and texture part of the image that unravels in the mind?


The fact that blinds are material independent works in its favor. Blinds can be of fabric, wood, faux wood or metal finish. It can be of natural or artificial material. So if the material is of importance, blinds can incorporate the material of choice. In addition to material, blinds can be vertical or horizontal and can be slid both ways too. All this can be achieved with minimum pain and time. Fits like a glove, doesn’t it?


For those with a classical bent of mind with retro vision, the image of their dream building evokes columns, pillars, high ceilings, lattices, louvers, recesses with large shuttered doors and windows. Drapery would form an integral part of the image. Come decision-making time and options need to be confronted! Though convention would tilt the decision in favor of conventional drapery, blinds will surely be well-placed for serious consideration. The very factors that stand in its favor in the futuristic scenario will stand it in good stead in the classical scenario too; remote control, choice of material, texture, color, precise measurement, quick installation, easy maintenance, durability and the possibility of incorporating imminent technological advances like IP address based control through handheld devices. Think of a typical situation involving geriatric or infant care with close circuit cameras control. Light for the care-receivers can be controlled from anywhere on earth – advantages that alternative options cannot easily be adapted to provide.


The above advantages coupled with the convenience factor provide compelling reasons for installing blinds in all types of homes. Blinds can happily coexist with other window coverings options. While drapery could be preferred in certain areas, they are hardly appropriate for areas like the kitchen, the bathroom and outdoors, for example. Moreover, most other alternatives involve more work, time and expenses both for the first-time and recurring.


This brings us to the final question – blinds or an alternative? While blinds can be installed anywhere to suit any preference, there are many locations and situations, logically speaking, where blinds are the default choice for interiors. So think blinds. They promise you a lifetime of excellent service.


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