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Why Vertical Blinds Are Here to Stay

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are Perfect for Your Large Windows

Vertical blinds are uniquely designed, as their slats will run up and down instead of going from left to right, making them an ideal choice to install on large windows, patio doors, and bay windows.

Who doesn’t love large windows? They allow a large amount of natural light to enter your home while giving you an outside view. But at the same time, they are difficult to cover. There are very few window treatments available that work well and smoothly on this type of extra-wide window. But with these vertical blinds, you don’t have to worry anymore. Their beauty, functionality, and versatility make them a perfect choice to go for a budget-friendly price. No other window solutions can beat the ability and efficiency of these window blinds.
Vertical Blinds
Over time many homeowners have tried alternatives to vertical blinds to cover their large windows or sliding doors. From using sliding panels, screen doors, to even horizontal blinds and shades, there are a lot of options out that. But vertical blinds remain one of the best choices due to their simplicity and functionality. Let’s learn why vertical blinds are here to stay.

Why are Vertical Blinds a Unique Selection?

If you are looking for the answer, then this article may help you to get the right fit for your wide windows.

Beauty and Functional Aspects
The availability of multiple design and texture options of these blinds give your indoor an astounding appearance. They suit all types of décor style – from modern to traditional and transitional space, they will create a stunning makeover.

Large windows confront the highest amount of light when compared to other windows in your home. Hence, they need special care and attention to get rid of harsh light and heat. These windows let UV rays to enter your home, which damages your furnishings and floors and health too. Install vertical blinds that will effectively prevent all these unwanted rays and give you a better way to live healthily and comfortably. If you feel that the heat from the sunlight is disturbing your comfort, pull the chain, and the vanes will shut closed. You can choose from sheer to room darkening fabrics and materials, depending on your needs.

Privacy is the biggest concern when it comes to large windows. But covering them with vertical blinds will offer you 100% protection from the outside hazards. These window designs are available in an assortment of color, texture, and material options that will provide the windows a finishing touch while bringing elegance and warmth.
Vertical Blinds for French Door
The durable materials include
Fabric Vertical Blinds: These blinds create a soft and sleek look to the windows. Their crisp texture makes them a lifelong choice in every home.
Faux Wood Vertical Blinds: If you love the wooden texture in every corner of the house, then install these amazingly designed blinds which are elegant and bring a classic vibe throughout the décor.
Vinyl Vertical Blinds: If your budget is limited, then customize these blinds with vinyl fabric and expect exceptional durability and longevity. They are easy to clean as well. This material is moisture-proof, dust-proof, and humidity proof.
These blinds are no disappointment when it comes to functionality. Customize your blind with your favorite material and enjoy their effectiveness all year long.
Fabric Vertical Blinds

Layering is Caring

Vertical blinds alone do a lot more than you expect. Still, if you want to boost up the beauty and functionality, then consider layering draperies over these blinds for added light control and insulation.

Control Options

Customize the blinds with different control mechanisms that will meet your criteria. Though these dressings come with a standard cord control option, go for a cordless wand control for a safe choice for your children and pets.

Easy Cleaning Methods

These vertical blinds accumulate less dust, making them easier to clean and maintain. But when you are ready to clean the blinds, make sure the slats are closed so that you can clean each of them manually.
You can take a duster or soft brush attached vacuum cleaner to eliminate the dirt and dust. Use a chemical-free liquid solution for spot cleaning. When you have done one side, turn the blinds to the other hand and repeat the same process.
Cleaning Vertical Blinds

Measurement and Installation

Measuring and installing is easy. Follow the instructions that come with your product and install yourself. For additional help, you can ask a professional.

Are Vertical Blinds a Valuable Choice for Your Home Décor?

There is no doubt that vertical blinds are a classic choice for wide and large windows, and they have been around for many years. They will ideally blend with your décor style. No matter what new design comes and goes, these blinds will never go out of style. Check out the latest range of vertical blinds that are worthy of every penny. If you need help, ask a professional to help you customize your blind.

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