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Why You Should Use Vertical Cellular Shades for Your Sliding Doors

Vertical Cellular Shades for Sliding Doors

Sliding Glass Door Decorating Ideas

Sliding glass doors are one of the most popular and beautiful architectural designs in your home décor. These multi-functional doors allow access to the outdoors while letting natural daylight and fresh air to enter your interior. Giving it a cheerful and colorful makeover can transform the overall appearance of a space. With a little bit of effort and planning, you can turn those doors into a timeless beauty. But when the sun rays become excessive, these doors can become a problem. In such a scenario, you need something functional that will help reduce heat from the sun while keeping the indoors cozy and comfortable.

With the latest innovations, you can integrate both aesthetics and functionality in these doors. Window shades and blinds are stunning ways to decorate the glass doors. Vertical blinds and sliding panel track blinds are the most popular ways to dress your sliding doors. But these styles can become monotonous and feel dated. So, if you want to do something unique while enhancing the versatility of these doors, then try out the trendy vertical cellular shades. What makes these blinds distinct from other window dressings? Let us explain to you the usefulness of vertical cellular blinds and why should you give them a try!

Vertical Cellular Shades for Sliding Doors

When we talk about sliding glass door window treatment, the first window covering that comes to our mind is vertical blind. But for a change, go for vertical cellular shades that are elegant and delightful. Below reasons will prove to you why these shades are perfect for sliding doors –

• Light Transmission
Glass doors can be the best way to let a lot of light to your home. But when it becomes excessive, you need to control the light coming into your space. Vertical cellular shadings are available in light filtering and blackout fabric material, which helps in balancing the incoming daylight while maintaining privacy. Go for Graber Slide-Vue Light Filtering Cellular Vertical Shades or Graber Slide-Vue Blackout Vertical Cellular Shades, depending on your requirements. By obstructing the UV rays, the blinds will also protect your furnishings from being faded.
Blackout Vertical Cellular Shades
• Privacy
Privacy is the biggest concern through these doors. But providing complete privacy, these shades do an amazing job.
• Energy-efficiency
These window shades block out all the excess heat inside their honeycomb structured air pockets. In this way, the shades reduce heat gained through the windows, and thus also reduce the home’s energy costs. Choose double or triple cell fabrics for additional insulating fabric layers. Vertical cell shades are the perfect blend of fashion and function.
• Increases Your Home’s Asset Value
The quality and value of these shades revamp the overall impression of a space. Their availability in a wide range of colors and texture not only makes these doors sophisticated from inside the home. These window dressings will create a visual charm from the outside of your home as well.
• Smooth Operation
Glassdoor window treatments should provide easy and hassle-free access. A vertical cellular shade’s amazing and magnificent craftsmanship ensures 100% safe and secure operation. Moveable side rails are available with locking handles for ease of operation. Go for the cordless mechanism to avoid the tension of pull cords and chains.
Light Filtering Vertical Cellular Shades

Vertical Cellular Shades for a Finishing Touch!!

These shades are a luxurious and reliable choice that works well on sliding doors. Measuring and installing these window shades are simple and straightforward. Get these shades now to add a dramatic flair to the doors. Proper installation and maintenance can make these doors a focal point of the space. These shades are not only made for home windows, install them in commercial areas to maintain the uniformity. Energy-efficiency is the main factor that makes these shades astounding from other window designs. Now, the decision is yours whether you should opt for these blinds or not. For more clarifications, explore the designs now, or you can consult with the designers!

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