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Why Window Blockers are Perfect for Your Bedroom?

Why Window Blockers Are Perfect For Your Bedroom

The house has many individual sections, each with a designated purpose that is crucial to ensure a smooth and functional living experience. The Bedroom is one such section and an important you’re your private space within the house, the bedroom is the place where you relax and rejuvenate, reconnect with yourself and also enjoy a peaceful sleep. No matter what your reason is, the bedroom is surely one of your favorite spots in the house.

Why do You Need Dress Up Your Bedroom Windows?

The bedroom holds a special place in your heart and is a personal space that you value. Hence, you will need to give extra attention to ensuring privacy in your bedroom. Blocking out the light coming from outside is just as crucial to prevent any glare or distraction that may interrupt your sleep. For ensuring your privacy and for blocking out the external light, you will need window furnishings that can provide effective coverage and blackout performance.

Appropriate window coverings are exactly what you will need for your bedroom. They not only enhance the visual appeal of the bedroom windows but also deliver excellent heat insulation, light control, and blackout performance besides safeguarding your privacy. The degree of customization that you get with window treatments gives you more flexibility to adorn the bedroom windows exactly the way you want. This added scope for personalization makes window coverings a functional and highly valuable addition to the bedroom décor.
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Inside Mounts vs Outside Mounts

There are two different mounting mechanisms used for installing window treatments on the window frame. You can either install the window coverings using inside mounts or outside mounts. Each mounting mechanism has its own benefits and demerits. Using inside mounts for window treatments takes less space and gives a neat and compact look to the window treatments. You don’t have to subdue the natural decorative mold of the windows frame and can also use window moldings to further accentuate the window frame.

Outer mounts, on the other hand, are easier to install as you can simply install the mounting brackets on the wall above the window and mount the window coverings using a headrail. You don’t necessarily have to adjust the window coverings to match the shape of the window frame and can simply opt for window coverings that are large enough to completely cover the window frame.

You get excellent coverage but that benefit is somehow diluted by the compromises you may have to make in terms of the overall aesthetics. The natural decorative molding gets somewhat hidden behind the outside mounted window treatments and for the same reason, these coverings also look bulkier in comparison to the inside-mounted window dressings.
So, it is evident that if you are seeking better aesthetics, inside mounts are preferable over outside mounts. However, inside mounts also have issues of their own. Since they have to fit within the space inside the window frame, the coverage they provide is not as extensive as outside mounts. There can be instances where some light may bleed inside the room through the gaps on the sides. If you are installing the inside-mounted window coverings in your bedroom, this may affect the blackout performance of your window coverings. The light that manages to enter your bedroom may interrupt your sleep. Hence it is always preferable to opt for outside-mounted window treatments for your bedroom.
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Why Window Blockers are Perfect for Your Bedroom?

When we talk about your bedroom, privacy and comfortable sleep are the most important expectations you have. In order to fulfill those expectations, you need to ensure excellent coverage and blackout performance so that there is no breach of your privacy, neither is there any light entering the bedroom that may interrupt your sleep.
One way of ensuring that is to use outside-mounted window treatments. However, they are bulkier in comparison to inside-mounted options and also somewhat dilute the decorative value of the window frame itself. Inside mounts make the window coverings look more compact and tidy but encounter the issue of light bleeding from the sides. But this issue can be fixed with a little bit of improvisation.

Window blockers, also known as window light blockers are exactly what you need. These blockers can be placed on the edges of the inside-mounted window coverings to plug any gaps that remain. By plugging the gaps, you can ensure that there is no issue of light bleeding through the side. You get excellent blackout performance that is important to make sure that your sleep is comfortable and uninterrupted.
If you like to keep things stylish, window blockers won’t disappoint you there either. You can customize the shape, pattern, and material used in these blockers so that they are compatible with your stylistic preferences. Window blockers are an effective and affordable way of ensuring complete privacy and excellent blackout performance for your window coverings. Besides, you don’t have to compromise with the aesthetics of the window frame in particular and the bedroom in general.

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