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Why Working-from-Home and Smart Blinds Go Hand-in-Hand

Why Working-from-Home and Smart Blinds Go Hand-in-Hand

If you’re fortunate enough to be working from home right now, chances are you haven’t left your home in a long time. You haven’t had your favorite double-double in months and you’re so wound up you’ll probably sell your soul to the old scratch just to see a tree that wasn’t in your neighborhood. But enough about that; we’re here to tell you that there’s something that can make all this just a little more bearable. The answer to the work-from-home blues is simple: getting something you can play with but also serves a vital purpose in your home. Of course, we’re talking about blinds, shades, and any other window covering that’s developed a “smart” attitude.

Work-from-Home, a Mind-Numbing Thing

When you’re working from home, the real problems turn out to be far more sinister than you first thought:
• Your schedule is all messed up, you work whenever you want and some people lack the discipline to pace themselves.
• There’s never an “I’m off” moment; is there? Sure you can just say you’re logging off for the day but all it takes is a well-timed emergency to get your right back on that chair again.
• Your living costs rise significantly because you’re home more often, and thus use more power and resources each day.
• You can’t risk eating out, but what happens if you don’t know how to cook too well?
• You end up going crazy all by yourself, but that’s okay (who isn’t a little crazy? Right!?)
Look, we can’t promise you that smart blinds will solve all your problems for you. But what we can promise you is that your smart shades will offer a level of organization you simply overlooked before.
Smart Blinds for Home Office

How Smart Blinds are a Life-Saver

So, we’ve spoken about the common problems you’ll certainly face when dealing with working-from-home on a daily basis. Now let us tell you exactly how smart blinds can help alleviate your woes (some of them, at least!)

• Smart blinds can be scheduled in such a way that you can essentially time your day by how they raise and lower. Just set up the schedule on your phone and your blinds will be your guide through the day.
• While Smart cellular shades cannot tell you when to finish up your work, they can help you pace yourself and tell you when you should stop work. Sure, emergencies are one thing but you should also hone your discipline in order to complete your objectives before your self-specified time runs out.
• This one is actually a doozy! Smart blinds can be scheduled in a way that allows you to maximize energy saving. Maintaining the temperature in your home can be difficult if that temperature is different from the climate. While smart blinds and shades cannot change the temperature drastically, they can actually act as an insulating material that keeps the temperature in your home constant. This tends to cut back on the energy required to maintain the same temperature using climate control.
Alexa Cotrolled Smart Blackout Shades

In Conclusion:

Even though we might be exaggerating the effect of extended work-from-home, we aren’t kidding about the beneficial effects of a smart window covering like smart blinds or smart shades. You can just order these online and these are actually quite easy to set-up on your own! Just make sure you have the color schemes right: Try and pick a color that matches your walls or your furniture and you can’t go wrong! You might have a bit of trouble if you aren’t as well versed in technology but you can rest assured as well-known sites like also have experts in their website chat room who can answer any question you may have.

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