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Why You Need Heat Blockers For Your Skylights

Why You Need Heat Blockers For Your Skylights

Keeping Your Interiors Comfy With Skylight Heat Blockers

Skylights are considered to be one of the most valued design elements in any home decor. Their capability in allowing natural bright light through these windows make indoor astounding and phenomenal. It will make you feel like your home is bathed in the sun, and the soft moonshine at night time will help your space glow. They are the perfect way to brighten up your arena while adding a dramatic flair. Imagine lying on a bed and looking at the romantic sky through these windows, sounds good, right? Their amazing stylish look, space-saving nature, and functional values make them the perfect addition to your room. But these windows have some drawbacks too. They are hard to reach and can make your indoors hot during the summer months because of the excess glare and solar heat and in winter months, your room can be drafty as the cold air penetrates through the glass. These windows let in as much as four times the heat and cold than normal windows. To keep the indoor temperature ideal, you might turn on the heating or cooling respectively but that can cause you higher energy bills at the end of the month. So what can you do about it? Well, this is when the concept of heat blockers comes, which are designed to cover your skylights effectively so that they can protect your indoors from all the unwanted outdoor elements.
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Reasons for Opting for Heat Blockers

Most people install skylights to create an illusion of a spacious room and to let in light and heat when desired. However, depending on the position and size of the skylight, you may end up with a room that is too bright. You may even confront an unusual room temperature which can ruin the relaxing vibes of your area, making it uneasy and uncomfortable to stay in. When the sun shines directly on the poorly insulated skylight, it transforms a room’s ambiance dramatically as sun rays shine through the glass continuously. Skylights are the main reason for heat gain and heat loss in your home decor, which slowly increases the heat amount of your space and as a result, you get a high utility bill. To control this situation, heat blockers are invented which can solve all your issues while offering a comfy indoor stay all year long.

What are the Best Skylight Heat Blockers?

Skylight heat blockers are manufactured to reduce the heat of the sun significantly. They are made from durable and thick fabric materials which make them highly functional and efficient. The type of blocker you choose can effectively reflect sunlight without overheating your space. Using these heat blockers assures your home will stay comfortable, even during the extremely sunny weather. There are different ways of blocking heat, check them out below:

• Window Treatments:
In the window fashion industry, there are plenty of blinds and shades available which are designed only to cover your skylights. Graber Crystalpleat Skytrack Skylight Shades and Graber Blackout SkyTrack Skylight Cellular Shades are popular and reliable options. They can efficiently reduce the incoming heat or trap them inside, preventing it from spreading throughout the interior. These shades can cut down on glare and block out the other harmful sun rays. The SkyTrack rails prevent the gaps occurring between the shade and window. These skylight shades are the optimal solution to keep indoor cool in summer, a perfect energy-efficient window solution. They come in a broad spectrum of colors and design choices, and you can customize them to get the desired appeal. Adding motorization will offer added benefits like control ease, extra security, and temperature sensor will help in balancing the indoor atmosphere.

Aluminum blinds also act as great heat blockers for your skylights. A cost-effective way of blocking light and heat inside your home. The aluminum will efficiently reflect the incoming heat and you don’t have to rely solely on your air conditioner.

You can attach additional liners (blackout or thermal) or light blockers to get the maximum efficiency from these window coverings. And try to opt for light hues while customizing them as they have the power of reflecting light and heat.
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• Reflective Films:
These are another great heat blockers you can consider for your skylights. There are different types of reflective films available. Sputtered reflective window film offers a clear view of the sky while the hybrid reflective film contains a dye and does not provide a crystal-clear view of the sky, but it has the capability of blocking heat and UV rays.

• Solar Glazing and Tinted Glass:
Solar glazing glass restricts the limit of solar buildup, minimizes heat radiation, and improves the energy efficiency of your home decor. Even the tinted glass blocks out the excessive light and heat coming through the glass of the skylight.

These are the top solutions for covering skylights that act as the best heat blockers. If you truly want to create a comfortable indoor environment while having control of the electricity bill, then you should definitely consider these blocker solutions.

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