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Wi-Fi controlled Smart Blackout Shades for a Smarter Looking Interior

Wi-Fi Controlled Smart Blackout Shades

Wi-Fi Controlled Smart Blackout Shades for a Smarter Looking Interior

Gone are those days of choosing draperies and curtains just for the purpose of decorating the home. There has been a continuous change and innovation in the field of shades, blinds and curtains and it is because some people realized that shades and blinds can do a lot more than just decorate the house. They also realized that the regular cloth draperies have a lot of flaws. Not being able to block light completely, compromising on privacy, heavy looking, hard to handle and contributing to interior pollutants are just a few problems that regular curtains and draperies create. Thus started the search and innovation for Wi-Fi controlled smart blackout shades that are light-weight and elegant at the same time.

Blackout shades and blinds have been gaining popularity and growing steadily to be one of the most sought after types of window treatments. These shades and blinds are able to block up to 100% of the sunlight thereby keeping the interiors cool and comfortable. They are also able to block out the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Wi-Fi controlled smart blackout blinds are a perfect match for your bedroom and living room windows for those times when you want to sleep through the day or watch movies without the glare from windows on your television!


Wi-Fi controlled Smart Blackout Shades

Though blackout shades are on their own a very smart innovation, we want shades that are smarter and more modern. That is how these Wi-Fi controlled smart blackout shades first came into being. These shades are an absolute technological marvel that operates through the Wi-Fi system in the home.

All you need to do is to connect your blinds and shades to smart devices. There are a range of smart home systems such as Samsung’s SmartThings, which work over the Wi-Fi of the home and through special frequencies such as Z-wave. A lot of smart blinds like smart blackout blinds can be integrated with these systems. Once your curtains are integrated with one of these smart systems, all you have to do is press a button and the shades will open or shut on their own. Does it sound very fantastic and futuristic? Because it surely is!

Smart Blackout Shades


Blackout Motorized Cellular Shades Controlled by Wi-Fi

There are a lot of shades that can block out the light and heat from the sun to keep the space cooler. Solar shades and automated blackout blinds are one of the most commonly known types of window treatments for those hot and sweaty kinds of places. However scary and unbearable the heat may seem, it is always those cold and unforgiving winter winds that scare us even more. Keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe and warm seems to be the biggest priority with the onset of the winter season. And when it comes to protection from the cold winds, the first window treatment that pops on anyone’s mind is the Cellular Shades.

The blackout motorized cellular shades are well engineered to protect your home from the cold and harsh winds. These shades consist of wonderful honeycomb-shaped pockets that trap the wind and block out the cold to keep the space warm and cozy. Their insulation also helps prevent your warm interiors from escaping through your windows. Cellular shades are popular simply because of the kind of efficiency and comfort it brings into our homes and lives.

It is also scientifically proven that the rays of the sun that happens to seep through those winter clouds can be just as harmful as the rays during the summer days. Blackout motorized cellular shades do an amazing job of blocking out these harmful sun rays and keep your home and your loved ones safe and sound.

Now that these motorized shades can also be integrated with the smart home devices over the Wi-Fi, it makes your home not just warm and safe, but also smart and sophisticated!

Blackout Motorized Cellular Shades


Where do these Motorized Blackout Roller Shades go Best?

Well, these Wi-Fi controlled smart blackout shades would make our lives a lot easier and more comfortable if they are installed throughout the house. However, in the case of budget constraints or re-designing only one part of the home, there are a few rooms that could do a lot better with these motorized blackout roller shades.

First and foremost, these shades are perfect for your bedroom. A bedroom is a space where you connect the most with yourself. It is the space where you rest and rejuvenate yourself and prepare to face another day afresh.  With so much of importance attached to a room, it is also important for the ambiance of this room to be perfect and the privacy is of utmost importance. In such cases, Wi-Fi controlled smart blackout shades would be a great choice. Especially when you experience the joy of the fresh morning sunlight by just saying “Good Morning” to your smart device, the day does start off on a better note.

Motorized Blackout Roller Shades

Another important space where these smart motorized blackout roller shades would do good is the living room considering that it’s where the whole family comes together and the toddlers and babies spend most of their waking time. It is also the space where we entertain our guests. Keeping this space warm, welcoming, comfortable and protected from outside forces is of utmost importance here.

There are a lot of advantages for these Wi-Fi controlled smart blackout shades best of which is how smart they make our home look and how much they increase the value of the house. Include these innovative window treatments to your home and enter into a comfortable and sophisticated modern home!

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