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How To Bring Modern Tech To Your Window Blinds?

Wifi Motorized Shades

Looking for a High-Tech Home? Try Wifi Motorized Shades for Windows

Our homes have become more technically advanced than ever before. With the advantages of home automation systems and smart products, it is very easy to make our homes more modern and functional. People are talking about smart watches, smart cameras, and more, but there is one more way to incorporate smart technology in your home – Smart Window Treatments. Yes, just like other household things, our windows and doors should be smart because they are the main ways that protect our home from various unwanted elements. In the market of window treatments, top quality brands like Graber have launched Wifi Motorized Shades which bring value to your home in every aspect. Manufacturers of window treatments are always developing new ideas and inventions to upgrade your ordinary home into a high-tech one that will make your daily living routine more luxurious and pleasing. Gone are those days when you have to walk up to a window to raise or close a shade, but now you can control them through either a remote or with a smartphone app from the comfort of your sofa. So get them today and furnish your home in the best possible way.

Zwave Motorized Shades


Awesome Devices and the Best Ways that Turns Normal Window Shades into Wifi Motorized Shades

We have always operated our windows using our hands or cords, but this has never been a perfect solution. Cords can result in strangulation risks for our kids and pets, and pose an unnecessary danger. Manual lifts can be a hassle when our windows are behind furniture, are on large windows which are hard to lift, or are in places that are hard-to-reach. Motorization solves all these issues and provides even more functionality. Let’s learn about the types of motorization below:

Various Types of Remotes

There are various types of remotes to operate the shades simultaneously or together in a group. Single channel, five channel, and sixteen channel remotes available – We have to press the remote button to raise or lower them.

Smart Motorization

Smart shades not only can be managed through a remote option but also through the home automation system and smartphone devices. Make sure that your Z-wave shade is connected to a Z-wave home automation hub such as Samsung SmartThings, Wink, and Vera etc. With SmartThings, these shades can be integrated with the voice-controlled apps as well which include Google Home and Amazon Echo, allowing you to command the shades with your voice for added convenience.

Remote for Motorized Shades


Wall Switches

These are installed in the walls and switching them on and off will raise and lower the shades automatically.

There are various power sources available to make their work functionality more efficient –

  1. Battery Wand – These are the best way to power the motorized blinds and shades. In this case, an attached battery tube will be there behind the wall or shade.
  2. Solar Powered Battery – A solar power kit includes a rechargeable battery. Connect the battery to the solar panel to receive the power from sun’s energy.

Motorized Control Wall Switches


Reasons to get Wifi Motorized Shades

Before you consider purchasing Z-wave window shades, there are so many things to know including how they work, what will be the best one to go for, how they are useful for our home – all these things will help to make shopping experience easier and smoother.

#1: Ease of Use

No doubts that the biggest advantage of having smart window coverings is they are easier to operate which makes life simple. Adjusting shades using remote or smartphone is now as easy as switching on a light. The smoothness and compatibility of these window coverings make them a popular choice for large or hard to reach windows.


#2: Cravings for More Natural Light and Privacy

Natural light is one of the most important and integral part of our home that helps any space to glow more. Wireless window treatments are the best solutions to adjust the natural light and privacy of your home.

Wireless Window Treatments


#3: Lower Energy Bills to Save More

Do you know that the proper installation of window coverings can save your money on heating and cooling costs? Their extra layer of insulation keeps the excess heat outside of the home while creating a consistent balanced temperature throughout the entire décor.


#4: Protect Your Furnishings

Z-wave blinds block out the harmful beams and sunlight so that the fading of furniture and other valuable things in your home can be prevented.


#5: A Safer Home is a Smarter Choice

A smart way to make home safe and secure from the outside hazards is installing smart window coverings. They allow you to set them on a schedule, so even if you are far away from home they will raise and lower automatically. The cordless mechanism of these shades states that they are a complete child safe option for the home with kids and pets.


Welcome the Smart Technology in Your Home by Installing Wifi Motorized Shades

Select your favorite product that comes with a wide assortment of colors, fabrics, and design options. So you too can pick up the one that will match your interior décor easily. ZebraBlinds professional executives can also help you to find the smart window coverings for your home. So get started now by measuring windows and placing the order!

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