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Matching Your Window and Door Treatments for a Clean and Consistent Look

Window and Door Treatments

Choosing a Window Treatment & Home Decor Style

Window and door treatments are as much about functionality as about appearance. They are an important part of your home decor as a piece of furniture or decorative item. The type of shade or blind you choose has an impact on the existing style of decor and the general color scheme of the room. From wall color, the color of furnishings like sofa fabric, carpet, cushions, etc., every piece has to be wisely picked so that none of them sticks out like a sore thumb. This is the reason why we say it is important to identify the style of decor you have chosen for your rooms.

Window Treatments for Patio Doors

Some rooms like a living room or a bedroom may also have a sliding glass door giving you access to a deck, a patio or a veranda. They are mostly large sliding glass doors covering a major part of a wall. Patio or porch doors are absolute beauties and anyone would love to have one in their house. They allow an abundance of light into the room and offer an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Like windows we have seen, doors also need shades and blinds to effectively cover them to address privacy concerns, for the purpose of insulation and prevention of energy loss, light control, etc. These doors have a wide expanse of glass which if left uncovered causes a greater amount of light to pour into the room, expose the interiors of your house to the prying eyes of the outsiders and neighbors and also cause heat gain during summer and heat loss during winter. For sliding patio doors you also have a variety of shades, blinds and shutters to choose from.
Window Treatments for Patio Door

Matching Door and Window Treatments: A Possibility?

The question that often plays on the minds of the homeowners is for those rooms which have windows and doors – do the window treatments have to be similar or can we opt for a separate shade for the door and a set of different shades for the windows? From the point of view of the aesthetics and home decor, this is a valid question indeed.
On the outset, it may be said that having similar treatments for the doors and the windows work best. They bring parity to the room. The flow is maintained and the door does not stand out like a sore thumb.

Similar Blinds May Not Always Work

However, there are several considerations. The blinds which work well for windows do not necessarily work in the same way for doors. This is because doors tend to be differently shaped and may have special considerations, such as hold-down brackets so the shade doesn’t swing around, or to be able to clear a door handle. If you are dressing up sliding doors then you have to understand that unlike swinging doors, the sliding ones roll sideways on a track. The blinds or shades must take all of this into consideration. Moreover, while horizontal shades work well for standard-sized windows, they are ineffective for dressing up sliding patio doors. For the latter, you need vertical blinds. These blinds run vertically and open side to side like a door. They offer better coverage for doors and large-sized windows.

The blinds that you opt for doors must not obstruct functionality. Doors need to be opened and closed all the time and hence the blind must not interfere. Windows are not opened or closed frequently and hence their requirement is different.
Window and Door Treatments

How to Achieve a Neat & Consistent Look

Opt for Similar Colour Palette
So, the argument we are trying to make here is that similar window treatments may not work for windows and doors. However what can be done is, while the types of blinds or shades that we use may be different for doors and windows, we could try sticking to a similar color palette for both. The fabric that is could be matched or at least similar color combinations could be attempted.
Cellular Shades for Door and Windows
Add Similar Valance or Cornice Board
Another way you could ensure a clean and consistent look is by adding a matching cornice or valance to the window treatment. You will find that cornice and valance look great on patio doors. Same shaped patterned, designed and colored cornice board or valance for all the windows and doors could be a great way of pulling the room together.

Add Matching Drapes
While the type of blind or shade you use may be different, you could achieve a consistent look by introducing drapery. Draperies add a luxurious and regal feel to any room and there is no conflict between drapery and blinds and a combination of both works well aesthetically and functionally. Adding similar drapes to your windows and door could give you the semblance of parity that you have been looking for.

To achieve a neat, clean and consistent look that is aesthetically pleasing and helps to integrate room you could experiment with window treatment options as we have shown above. They will help not only in preserving the visual appeal of the room but also ensure that functionality of the doors and windows and their window treatments are not adversely affected.

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