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Improve Your Sleep with Modern Window Treatments

Window Blackout Solutions

Window Blackout Solutions- Modern Window Treatments to Improve Your Sleep


Darkness is the key which keeps our body on the perfect sleeping schedule, and the modern-day bedrooms can be defined as anything except for dark. Our phones are continuously shining over our faces and the blinds covering our windows never do the job they are supposed to, which is to block the blinding street light from flooding our rooms. Darkness signals a release of melatonin which the brain is giving the signal that you need sleep. All of the unwanted light from outside can throw your natural sleep pattern out of the window and this will cause loss of sleep and serious chronic health problems. It is crucial that we reduce the light that enters our home at night with the best modern window blackout solutions.


The kind of light entering our home has an impact on our homes, moods, and lives. Depending on where you live, you might have to face an abundance of sunlight and brighter days. You understand the role of sleep in your life, and it shouldn’t be compromised by embracing light. Give your body the natural dark room that it craves so much when it comes to sound sleeping and optimal rest. That is the reason we need to be extra careful and vigilant when it comes to securing the sleep spaces of our room and keeping it far away from disturbances.

Blackout Cellular Shades for Bedroom


Which modern-day treatments can help you enjoy better sleep?

Below discussed are the best window blackout solutions that your bedroom is in need of. They make it easy to control the light entering your room while adding much-needed style and personality.


Roller Shades

These blackout roller shades are not only the easiest window solution that are out there, but they are also highly economical. They protect you from the unwanted glare that the moon throws your way along with the annoying street lights and early sunrises. These sleek and simple shades can fit into any frame. If you want additional coverage, then don’t hesitate an outside mount. It will do the trick of keeping your rooms free from any light.


Cellular shades

Have you ever come across the fabric pattern that looks like honeycomb cells?  Blackout Cellular Shades are a popular form of window treatment that replicate the exact shape. They can be the perfect addition to any room to keep the unwanted light away from your bedroom. Cellular Shades, with great ease, can be moved up or down according to your convenience. From adding the much desired crisp and trendy look they cut out the light efficiently. These shades are often proclaimed to be the best choices for blackout, as they have smaller light gaps and are excellent for insulation. The tightly mounted and secured sidetracks further help to get the job done. If you are one among the many restless sleepers, you can make the most of cellular shades.


Roman Shades

Add a sleek, stylish, and mesmerizing look to your window frames along with the added functionality that your room demands with Roman Shades. In case you decide to go with Roman Shades for your windows, don’t forget to add the blackout liners. However, there are a few things to remember if you are choosing to mount Roman Shades outside your window frame. You must not forget to leave behind extra width and length around the window to create a darker room. Blackout Roman Shades will be a phenomenal addition to your home and you can’t miss out on the benefits that they have in store.

Blackout Roman Shades



Drapes perform a fabulous job when it comes to covering your entire window and engulfing the room into the kind of darkness that you enjoy. They perform the task of blankets by enclosing the whole room and swaddling you to an undisturbed and more comfortable sleep. However, to achieve the room darkening impact you will need to have a liner. If you feel heavy drapery kills the decor of your room, then choose translucent or sheer ones for the day but you will require heavy drapery when night comes along. A dual set of drapery fabrics gives you added versatility for light control. This arrangement will allow soft and refreshing light to enter your room and offer complete darkness for the night.

Drapery for Bedroom


Why do you need the best window blackout solutions for your home?

When the last time that you gave serious thought to add window coverings to your home? Was it that time when you noticed your neighbor trying to have a look through your open windows? Or is it because of the restless and sleep deprived nights that you spend staring at the ceiling and wishing you were asleep? Blackout Window treatments are the best choice forward, not only because they help you to maintain privacy, but also because they create the perfect ambiance where you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. They also perform a brilliant job when it comes to keeping your home comfortable, cool, and relaxing. Did you know that spending your hard-earned money on the best blackout shades will eventually end up saving a lot of money for you in the form of electricity bill each month? When you are looking for window blackout solutions based on your needs you will see how easily your home stays warm during winter, cool during summer, and significantly reduce the need for electricity during the day.


  • Light Control – Keeping aside the incredible privacy feature, blackout window treatments can offer temperature control and keeps the amount of light flowing through a window under check. More often than not, your sleep gets disturbed by the unwelcomed sunlight that enters the room. Or is it the glare from the streetlight or the moonlight that keeps you tossing in bed? Maybe you have a toddler that has gotten into the habit of waking up with the sun and you would like your little one to sleep a little longer.


  • Temperature Control – These shades determine the amount of temperature that will leak into your room from the outside. The right kind of window treatment will block the excessive solar radiation and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. This will also help you sleep better because the temperature won’t cause any obstacle.


 Motorized Blackout Roller Shades


What are the main components that you need to look for in your blinds and shades?

Yes, window blinds do a great job when it comes to blocking light, keeping the temperature under control, and enhancing the look of the room. Keep in mind the following when choosing your window treatment for your bedroom:


  • Opacity – This will determine the kind of transparency that the material of your windows should have.
  • Color – Try to choose material in dark color to prevent the flow of light.
  • Light Gaps – Choose shades based on your requirements and this will determine the gaps or structure of it.


What is the most important element that can instantly add amazing design to your bedroom? It is none other than window coverings. The quality of sleep that you have depends on the noise levels and ambient lights. Well designed, beautiful blinds will help to design your windows the exact way you want them to.




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