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How to Install Cord Cleats for Better Window Safety

Window Cord Cleats

Use Window Cord Cleats to Make Your Blinds Safe

You open and close window treatments to get all the benefits of light control, privacy, UV protection, glare control, etc. But did you know that the cords in this everyday activity can be dangerous for kids and pets?

When you install new window treatments in your home, it’s important to make sure that they are safe for your family, especially for your kids and pets. New researchers found that window treatments can pose a serious safety threat to young children. Every year kids are injured from blind cord strangulation. So it’s your duty to keep your children safe and secure by using safety devices in your window treatment.

There are a lot of ways to increase the safety of the window blinds in your home. For example, you can keep the cords high up so that they can’t be reached by kids or by cutting the extra length of the cords. But if you are using your window blinds on a regular basis then it will be very difficult to keep the cords out of reach each and every time, and cutting the extra length of the cords will not reduce the risk completely.

So for that reason, we recommend a safety device that you can put on your window covering known as a Window Cord Cleat. 

Now, what is a window cord cleat? Where do you hang the Cord Cleat? How do you install them? How are they safe for your home? So many questions can come to your mind. That is why we are here today to make your window blinds safe for you and for the family.


What are Window Cord Cleats?

A window cord cleats is a small piece of metal or plastic that you should fix in the wall or window frame using screws provided with it and then it winds the excess cord up around them. At the time of installation, it’s important to make sure that they are high enough to remain out of reach of kids and pets.

Window Blind Cord Cleats


How to Install the Cord Cleats?

Cordless window treatments are the safest choice if you have kids or pets in the home. However, if you’ve purchased corded window coverings, window cord cleats should be attached, which will help to protect your children from the hazard of dangling cords.

These plastic cord cleats for blinds permit you to insert the excess cord out of the kids’ reach while maintaining their functionality and versatility. But what are the easy steps for installing cord cleats? In order for cord cleats to be functional and not harmful, proper installation is essential. If you don’t install them properly, they can give you a false sense of safety. Follow the below guidelines to learn more:

  • To get started, all you need is a pencil, drill, window cord cleats, and screws.
  • Mark the place with a pencil where you want to install the lowest cord cleat.
  • Mark an extra mark with the pencil where the top cord cleat will be placed.
  • Take one window cord cleat and one screw and use your drill to secure the lowest cord cleat.
  • Follow the same thing for the last window cord cleat.
  • Now open your window blinds or shades and wrap the excess cord tightly around the two cord cleats.
  • For continuous loop cords, there is a spring guide that the chain is run through to keep the cord tense and secured to the wall.

With these easy installing cord cleats guidelines, you can them for each and every window covering by your own.

Installing Cord Cleats


Things to Keep in Mind for Proper Installation:

Before you install window cord cleats on your window blinds, you should consider the below things to keep the home safe for kids and pets as well.

  • Install them so high so that your kids cannot reach to them.
  • Attach the window cord cleats with screws, not with the tape or any glue.
  • Keep the furniture away from window blinds with cords.
  • Make sure that the screws are enough long to be securely into the wall.


Safety is Always in Style with ZebraBlinds Window Treatments

Child safety is a serious issue for many homeowners and making window coverings safe for the home with kids has always been a top priority at ZebraBlinds.

So still you haven’t ordered your free window cord cleats yet? Do it now. One small addition to the installation of your window coverings and you’ll gain instant peace of mind.

Shop for safer window treatments to make a smart choice for your home and your family. Get all our benefits such as – free shipping next to your home doorstep, free samples to get the best fit that will complement your home decor, easy customization if you are unable to find the best window treatment for your home, excellent customer service and attractive discounts on products so that you can save money.

If you would like to know more about child blinds cord safety, don’t hesitate to contact us! Leave a comment in the below section and our customer care executives will reach you very soon with all the solutions for your queries.

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