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Are There Window Coverings For Oval Windows?

Window Coverings For Oval Windows

All houses have windows and they come in many different shapes and sizes. No matter what their shape, their purpose of the use is the same – privacy and light control. Most commonly, windows come in the regular square or rectangular shapes. But many houses have odd-shaped windows too which include arches, ovals, hexagons, circles and even asymmetric windows. Some houses may go for odd shapes on every window and others keep a majority of windows of the regular shapes and have a couple of windows that are oddly shaped.

No matter what the shape of the window, they need to be fitted with window coverings. Many homes choose their oddly shaped windows to go bare to focus on the aesthetics they provide. But many times, these windows are in areas like the bedroom or the bathroom where privacy and light control is of utmost importance. If you have an oval window and are wondering if there are window coverings for oval windows, the answer is yes. In fact, there are multiple options when you are looking for window coverings for oddly shaped windows. You can choose from a variety of colors, textures and materials that will truly give you the perfect window of your dreams.

Window Coverings for Oval Windows

Arched windows and oval windows make for very graceful and stylish window shapes. They have commonly been used in houses, palaces, churches and other buildings of architectural significance since olden times. But their shape also makes it tougher to cover than a regular rectangular or square-shaped window. If the choice of window treatment is made wisely, the overall result can be breath-taking.

• Curtains
Curtains are a lovely choice for an arched window or an oval window. It can be hung on a straight rod or an arched rod. The arched shape of the rod can create a romantic element in the window space. Designers tend to use these windows as a base to create an elaborate curtain setting. These can have princess style overlaps, graceful jabots and sweeping swags. These help to highlight the shape and size of the beautiful windows. If you use a straight set up or a curtain set up at the ceiling height, you will be able to blend the arch or the oval shape into the décor. This will also help in streamlining the window. You can also choose to put up decorative windows that only cover the windows partially.
Curtains for Oval Windows
• Blinds
Blinds make excellent window coverings for oval windows. Blinds are made in many different varieties to be used on arched or oval windows. You can choose a sunburst shape or a fan-shaped honeycomb blinds for your oval windows. Blinds are a great choice as they are easy to maintain and with tender loving care, they can last for a very long time. They only need to be dusted regularly. You can also vacuum them depending on the kind of blinds you pick up for your oval windows.
Arched Window Blinds
• Shades
Shades are a great choice to cover your oval windows. Cellular shades are one of the most popular choices when it comes to window coverings for oval windows. When choosing cellular shades, you can go and get yourself one of the two options. One will be to have the shades create a fan or sunbursts. You can have them either fixed or have them move like a fan. In the second option, you will have a movable arch system where all the pleats can be aligned. This look will have more of a consistent and unified look.
Blackout Shades for Arched Windows

• Fixed shades
Fixed shades are great window coverings for oval windows. But they cannot be raised or lowered. This feature might be a good thing for people who want to create a look with coordinating shades and consistent features in the room.

• Shutters
Shutters are also a good option for window treatments for oddly shaped windows. Plantation shutters look the best on oval windows. These are custom made and contribute to the looks of your room like furniture would. You will have the same options here as you would when using cellular shades. You can choose between a sunburst and a continuous arch. The shutters are versatile and can be raised or lowered while maintaining privacy for the residents of the home.
Shutters for Arched Windows

• Sheers
Sheers are great in lending the room a soft and delicate feel throughout the day without compromising on privacy. Sheers are installed in a room that does not ask for much privacy like the living room or the hallways. A metal rod can be installed and the sheers can be passed through the rod. This will let you move the sheers effortlessly to close or open them. You can also choose to install embedded tracks to help move the sheers delicately. These options work best if your oval windows are very large. Using the sheers this way will soften the look of the large oval window and will also help crisp up the architecture of the room.

• Valances
Valances look wonderful with arched and oval windows. You can use an upholstered valance or a fabric topper as window coverings for oval windows. These are elegant and look pretty with the pleated drapery underneath them. The lower arch will help draw attention to the stunning oval windows of your home. The only con with these is that they can seem very traditional and formal. So, you may want to use this option with an official setting like a workspace. If you decide to install valances in homes, you may need to use softer and sheerer fabrics to let it look much more casual.

• Combinations
If you have a large oval window, you can choose to experiment a little and it can even pay off. You could use a combination of different kinds of window coverings for your oval windows you can have half of the window shuttered and even leave the rest of the window uncovered.

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