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“They had it all and suddenly it was gone overnight.” The much-narrated tale of so many families that got so badly shaken up when Recession hit the U.S in 2008-2009. Sources say it is looming again on the horizon. Financial experts analyse it.
Aesop’s tale of the Ant and the Grasshopper reverberates in my mind. While the grasshopper is busy basking in summer’s warmth, the Ant trudges along grains of food, dead insects and anything that ever comes in their way. They work energetically and ceaselessly knowing that they have the whole of the winter to rest. Its exemplary determination is something for us to emulate.

I guess the Recession has taught us to be wary like the ant. We are always trying to save for that rainy day. Investing in a roof over our heads secures our future. During times of austerity measure or recession, there is always something to fall back on. Bank lending has become cheaper by the day with no limits on advances. People are borrowing more than they can afford to pay back to possess a house of their own. A house proud owner is continuously refurbishing it and keeping it up to date with the latest technologies, should the need arise to put it up on a re-sale.




Many home improvement projects can add value to the home. According to HGTV, remodeling a kitchen can expect to recoup 60% – 120% of your investment. Energy Star rated and environment-friendly appliances help save money because they use less energy. Adding another bathroom if needed helps recover a huge chunk of investment. The selling potential of our homes increases when extra rooms are created from the existing space. Buyers shop for homes with energy efficient windows to save on heating and cooling costs besides the owner receiving a Green Energy Tax Credit. Making the backyard more appealing by adding a deck encourages buyers to enjoy their outdoor living space.





Stylish and durable window treatments not only make an impact, but they increase a home’s resale value significantly. One would not want to put off a prospective buyer because the window dressings were outdated or worn out. The first thought that would daunt them would be the additional expense of new window treatments. Energy efficient ones with a promise of controlling solar heat gain, insulation, privacy and daylighting will make the home attractive to a potential buyer.
Energy efficient insulation involves updating the home to save energy and is a plus point for the owner. Making doors and windows in a home energy efficient does not mean caulking and weather stripping using double – glazed windows. It also means dressing windows with energy efficient coverings. Window dressings that provide maximum insulation against heat gain or heat loss will be considered efficient.
Insulation is rated in terms of thermal resistance called R-value. It indicates the resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness. The R-value of thermal insulation depends on the type of material, its thickness and density.





Shutters, whether Real Wood, Faux Wood or Composite Wood are incredibly popular with home buyers because of their traditional elegance and beauty and the impressive curb appeal that they provide. Shutters once fitted into the windows of a house are considered a permanent fixture. Some real estate brokers refer to plantation shutters as window furniture because of their durability and appeal to homeowners. Their value is always included while an appraisal is being made of a house to be put on sale, and it increases in appreciation over time. Most plantation shutters are custom built for a home and come with a lifetime warranty, which explains for them being featured in real estate descriptions as an important selling point.
Recent research seems to indicate that the tightness of the vacuum between the window and its covering is the primary requirement for a good insulation. Shutters are very good insulators because they are the thickest and tightest fitting window coverings. When installed on a double-pane window a plantation shutter can create an R-value of 6.A fully closed shutter with all its louvers tilted down completely is a perfect insulator against heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Temperature control cuts down on AC bills and unnecessary release of Greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. At the same time, light control through the adjustment of louvres facilitates natural daylighting. Temperature control and non-dependence on artificial lighting is a significant energy saving. Window treatments that insulate add a lot of value to a home as we are becoming more conscious of the Going Green trend and trying to save energy.





The Norman Shutters Canada that are available on are created to bring us matchless quality, durability and long term value. The distinctive features of these shutters are a proof of their high exacting standards –
Built to last a lifetime
Engineered stiles
Mortise and Tenon joints
Stainless steel staples
Multiple hand sanding and finishing
Prescription wood conditioning
No VOC’s
Lifetime warranty
The Woodlore Norman Engineered Shutters made of composite wood are harvested from well-managed forests and finished with a polypropylene coating that prevents moisture absorption and allows for easy stain removal. These shutters come with 1 7/8, 2 ½, 3 ½ and 4 ½ louver sizes and many color options.
WoodlorePlus Skylight Perfect Tilt RF Shutters have a motorized remote control to tilt the shutters up and down. The smooth operation in terms of handling allows us to control them effortlessly for light diffusion and sun protection.
Normandy Norman Wood Shutters are made of real wood with Prescription Wood Conditioning technique. Multiple stile options are available in various sizes to accommodate different window configurations. Astragal or Rabbet stiles provide a natural light block between panels.
Normandy Skylight Perfect Tilt RF Shutters can be used on skylights and tall windows that are near to impossible to open and shut. The tilting system can be remote controlled up to a range of 65 feet and can be operated from anywhere in the room.
Increasing the value of your property is a good motivation to renovate or upgrade it.



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