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Explore the benefits of window coverings.

The window has gone through many transitions, from mere slits that provided adequate space for covert warfare to crudely cut out holes in walls to provide a semblance of lighting and ventilation to the plate glass expanses one finds today! And the question many ask is, “why cover them?” when the benefits of not doing so is plenty? With the Inception of curtain-wall construction (a skeleton of wood or metal sheathing an entire wall of glass) came the awareness of leaving windows bare –

· Windows make for a visual expanse that allow the outdoors to seem part of the interiors, which can be especially beneficial if the room is small

· A bare window can show, to great advantage, the inherent beauty of the window itself, particularly in contemporary and minimalist settings.

· There’s no hassle of cleaning window dressings – all the various methods of cleaning that can prove confusing. Only the window pane needs cleaning, and that’s the easiest of all.

· An unencumbered view of the seasons – the majesty of snowfall, the ethereal shades of the tumbling leaves of fall, the moody rainfall, the heavenly sunshine – in all their splendour.

Homes or buildings surrounded by endless acres or surrounded by bare land and the sea can possibly pull off this ‘naked’ feat, but in the North America, 90% of the population lives on 2% of the land, which would make window coverings an imminent requirement. But privacy is really only one issue. The others include glare control, sound absorption, energy conservation, aesthetics, and pure comfort!





Nature dictates that humans look towards light. What seems an enthralling and expansive view of the outside can conversely prove true for those looking in at night! Thought lightweight or diaphanous window coverings can look pleasant and romantic while providing a muted view of the outside and an adequate cover from inquisitive eyes, they offer absolutely no privacy at night when rooms are brightened with electric light. Assess the privacy needs of a room before deciding on the window treatment.


With crime rates climbing alarmingly across the country, uncovered windows frequently invite assault and break-in due to the scintillation provided by precious works of art, valuable furniture and electronic equipment. It’s said that even a pinhole in a window covering can tell someone with nefarious intentions what needs to be known. Online retailers often provide free samples of the different types of window coverings they sell. Use the fabulous option to decide on the window covering that is best suited to security requirements. Tack up the sample against the window and shine a torch through in the night to check the opaqueness of the material in question.

Glare control.

Curtain-wall window construction in modern architecture has resulted in dramatic view, expansive lighting and passive solar heating, but direct sun shining on these large panes, especially on east, south and west orientated windows will result in glare (directional light that is steady and bright) that can result in discomfort and irritation. Glare is often accompanied by heat build-up especially where picture windows and plate glass installations are used. Glare can also result from one directional light source that causes an area of light contrasted by dark shadows which can effect eye strain, fatigue and irritation, which can be further intensified if reflected off another building.

Window coverings that control glare yet allow natural light in without completely obstructing the view include transparent or translucent sheer drapery, horizontal and vertical blinds and shutters, and new fangled window treatments such as vertical and horizontal sheer shades that function as both blinds and shades, with various light filtering options.

Sound absorption.

Window treatments serve to muffle external sounds and indoor noises from wooden floors, appliances, voices and the clickety-clack of heels tracking hard floors. Dual treatments, lined treatments and interlined treatments work wonders at muffling noise, but none better than the blackout cellular shades with side tracks.

Energy Conservation.

Up to 50% of interior heat is lost through glass windows – ordinary drapery fabric can absorb ten times more heat than glass and stop its onward transmittance. Energy consumption can be brought down considerably if window treatments are applied judiciously. For example, Insulated Roman Shades customized to a window’s dimensions can yield dramatic results in energy conservation, as will wood/faux wood blinds, roller shades, shutters, and cellular shades.

Comfort and Aesthetics.

Warm colors, natural shades and textures can provide exquisitely tended interiors. A draped window, like a draped bed, can offer comfort and security. The comfort provided by covered windows should not be overlooked by commercial buildings either – nobody likes to look into the bottomless pit that is darkness.

It is also beneficial to remember that it is not always that one has the provision of a beautiful view – it could be anything from unsightly factories to a neighbor’s window or a scrummy alleyway.

Camouflaging these undesirable sights is made possible with window dressings that can provide warmth, comfort and elegance – charm and character for interiors!

The needs of windows vary – which window treatment is best for a particular window, room, building, individual? Evaluate all factors before deciding on any one in particular – after all, pretty is as pretty does!

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