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Buy Window coverings online from Canada & save on hidden charges

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Window Coverings Online Canada -

Save on PST, import tax, clearing charges & custom brokerage fees.

The largest sale in the US is already over and, as usual, we on the Canadian side were left out to dry. While our U.S counterparts were enjoying the massive savings from special sales such as Black Friday and Boxing day, we were left with the mediocre, overpriced goods that we always are left with. Why do you ask? The answer is simple, we have additional taxes (mainly import related taxes and handling charges) on the same goods that are passed on to the cost of each and every product sold in Canada, therefore increasing the overall cost. It’s the same story if we cross the border, but whatever we want and try to bring it back to our home sweet home. Isn’t it unfair that Canadian window coverings shoppers have to pay the hidden charges? The Retail Council of Canada has affirmed that import taxes are good for retail companies to avoid the uncompetitive race between U.S. and Canadian retail markets. As per the council, if there are no taxes on cross-border purchase it will be difficult for the Canadian retailers to keep up with the competition. As a Canadian, what can you do?


Whatever answers you have in mind fade away once you see the difference in savings between the U.S. and Canadian shoppers? When the U.S. buyers were enjoying the biggest sales, the Canadians were getting hit by hidden duty, sale tax, etc. and had to pay delivery and processing charges while shopping from outside of Canada. Ultimately, Canadians


Window Coverings Online Canada -
A graphic showing the duties and taxes Canadians in different provinces pay for ordering $100 in goods from outside the country. (CBC-News)

feel like they end up losing than gaining, when shopping, whether it is physical or online.


It is a fact tax structures such HST/GST, and PST, customs clearing, and brokerage charges differ among Canadian provinces. If a Quebec resident buys online from a U.S based online store for USD$100 he/she would be paying CAD$130 to CAD$140 once the exchange rate comes into the picture while also having to pay additional charges to their credit card companies and finally being slapped with import duties ranging from CAD$30 to CAD$40. If you think about it, It’s become difficult for Canadian buyers to buy something from outside Canada. So, it seems that the consumer loses out while buying online from outside Canada. The option is to buy from online stores registered in Canada that carry the same goods as their American counterparts.


Buy custom window coverings online locally in Canada.

Here’s some good news! No more hidden taxes for you! No more Delivery charges or processing fees either. Keep your shirt on and shop with ease while you avail the benefits of the Black Friday Sale, Cyber Monday Sale, New Year Sale, Winter Sale, Thanksgiving Sale, Halloween Sale, etc. How is this so? allows you hassle-free online shopping so you can enjoy these sales and be rid of import taxes. is a Canadian company serving Canadians. So you pay only GST of the destination Province no need to pay destination PST also. So if a Quebec resident buys online from he/she has to pay only 5% GST, a British Colombian only has to pay 5% GST whichever province have GST/HST that part of the tax only those customer has to pay. So, knock yourselves out and avail the same benefits that your neighbors do! The ultimate in window treatments, to suit any budget and decor, are now within your reach at!, a leading Canadian supplier in the field of window treatments, gives you the pleasure of unfettered shopping for your windows. Buy Shutters, Blinds, Shades, Draperies, and Drapery hardware, within your price range. The advantage of selecting Blinds from a Canadian supplier is that you avoid the hidden taxes. The sale and the discounts, you think that the US shoppers are enjoying, will be the very same that you do. The real advantage of purchasing cost-effective window treatments from a Canadian supplier like is that you get to buy all-weather products from brands like Graber, Comfortex, Crown and Norman. Graber is a part of Springs Window Fashions, the second largest manufacturer of Drapery hardware and window treatments. Comfortex is owned by Hunter Douglas, the largest manufacturer of window treatments.


Wood Blinds from Graber are the most preferred treatments for window fashion. The quality of the woods ensures esthetic appeal and sustainability. The manufacturing process endorses recycling principles to conform to a Green Environment. The wood used to manufacture blinds is sourced from North American forests. That’s why it’s available throughout the year and reduces the import costs for the manufacturers. Spring Window Fashions, the second-largest window treatment manufacturer uses the basswoods for the Wood Blinds since they are stable, lightweight and does not twist easily. The motto and the philosophy Spring Window Fashions has been that the Green by Nature. That means; every step of the manufacturing process is environment-friendly. All the processes measure with precision to ensure the best outcome without hampering the greenery of nature. That’s a beauty of the Graber products and the Wood Blinds.


Window Coverings Online Canada -
A graphic comparing duties charged for goods shipped to consumers from outside their country of residence. (CBC-News)


When a Canadian customer buys a product from a US supplier, the warranty is not honored by that US supplier. So, if you don’t get any warranty on a specific product, then how can you be assured of the long time benefits from the products? In the case of, if you buy a Graber Blind, you get manufacturer limited lifetime warranty. That’s means; you can get the manufacturer service even after several years of use.

There is one more advantage you get when you buy something from a Canadian supplier, and that is the replacement, re-sizing, exchange services. If you buy Blinds or Shades from a US supplier, you will not get the easy and convenient service since you need to bear the shipping cost from Canada to the US. Most of the retailers have these terms and condition where customers need to bear the shipping cost in the case of exchange and replacement. Who is in the mess and loss here? It is you since you will end up paying an enormous amount for your Blinds and Shades services. Sometimes this shipping cost will cost you more than the actual price of the product.

It should be a priority for every customer to read the fine print in any website. Rest assured that has an HST registration that allows for savings on taxes, as well as the added benefit of availing product warranties. Hold hands with and get the best in window dressings from the most reputed names in the industry.

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