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Window Shades Can Add Aesthetic Interest to Your Entryway or Transom

Window Shades Add Aesthetic-Interest-To Your Entryway or Transom

Historically, transom windows were loved widely by the rich and influential for their functionality and beauty. Transoms are architectural marvels that raise the classiness of the home manifold. What is a transom you ask? A transom window is placed right above the doors or windows. The transoms are divided from the doors below with a solid bar of wood or metal. There are many different kinds of transom windows out there. Most common transom windows cannot be opened. Some can be opened. Some have beautiful patterns and some others have pleasingly stained glass installed.

While there is no question about the aesthetic values that transom windows add to the house, it can also be a disadvantage on other counts. Transom windows let in a lot of heat and sunlight into the house. Privacy might not be much of a problem as the transom windows, especially those on the doors, are so high up on the walls. But it still can pose a challenge when it comes to energy efficiency. A glass transom window lets in heat and sunlight which can make it hard to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There is also the question of light control. What you need is a solution that is both practical and easy on the eyes. Transom window shades are a great option if you need to cover your transom windows while retaining their aesthetic interest. Keep reading to know more.

Disadvantages Of an Uncovered Transom Window

• Privacy
If your transom window is placed above the door, privacy might not be your primary concern. But if you have transom windows mounted on windows low in height it might be a problem. This can especially be the case if the window is in a private area like the bedroom or the bathroom.

• Light
Sunlight streaming in through the transom windows is a nice and cozy experience. But imagine the bright afternoon sunlight invading your bedroom when you are trying to catch a nap- not very comfortable.

• Glare
If you have light coming in through the transom window into your living room or your entertainment room, it can cause serious trouble because of glare. Glare can be uncomfortable especially if you are trying to watch a show or are trying to play a video game. Even under normal circumstances, glare can be a source of a lot of irritation and stress to your eyes.

• Heat
The heat of the sun can make it uncomfortable inside the home without anything to shade you from it. It can also become very cold inside the house in the winters if your transom windows are left undressed.

• Energy inefficiency
You may need to use heating appliances in the winter and air conditioners in the summer if you have the weather coming in through the unclad transom windows. This will lead to huge electricity bills and monetary losses on the energy front.
Woven Transom Window Shades

Types of Transom Window Shades

• Roman shades

Roman shades are very popular and they are a continuous piece of fabric with horizontal folds that lets you raise and lower the shades. They are very pleasing to look at. You can find roman shades of various colors, patterns and textures. This allows you to choose a roman shade that is just right as your transom window shades. It also has a traditional look to it that goes with the historic feel of the transom windows.
Roman Shades for Transom Windows

• Pleated shades

Pleated shades also function more or less like the roman shades but they don’t have quite the same draped feel to them. They have more folds in comparison so; they end up looking like slats. These can be used in a more formal setting and with transom windows that look much more modern in taste. They can also be found in a variety of colors and patterns. So, choosing one that goes well with your décor should not be a problem.
Pleated Shades for Transom Windows

• Blackout shades

Blackout shades are excellent if the place you stay is subject to extremes of climates. You can use the blackout shades to completely block out the sunlight. It also insulated your house from the heat of the sunlight and keeps your home cool in the summer and warm and toasty in the winter. It can also provide you some levels of insulation from sounds.
Transom Blackout Solar Shades

• Honeycomb or Cellular Shades

If you want your transom windows to look beautiful and be energy efficient at the same time, the cellular shades might be the way to go. The cellular shades are made from fabric and have cells that are honeycomb-shaped. The cells trap air in between the transom window and the room. This means gain of heat in the winter and cool summer.
Cellular Shades for Transom Windows

• Motorized Shades

Most transom windows are high up above the doors and are often out of reach. This makes it impossible for you to open and close the shades on a daily basis. Long cords that can be used to lower or raise the transom window shades in manual varieties can be a strangulation hazard if you have kids or pets sharing your home. Motorized shades can solve all these problems as they are cord-free and can be raised and lowered on the push of a button.

• Solar Shades

If the increased degree of control over light is what you are looking for, solar window shades are the way to go. These are also called window sunglasses. They do not block the view you have of the outdoors.

• Bamboo or Woven Shades

These shades are a beautiful choice as your transom window shades. They are a common feature of Asian and African décor and can now be seen globally with excellent results. The bamboo shades are sturdy, casual and exciting. They will take the classiness of your transom windows a few notches higher. What’s more? They can even be less expensive than most of the other kinds of shades available in the market.

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