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Window Shading for Long Windows

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A Studio Apt in Whistler, BC.

We’re a youngish couple with our baby on the way. Exciting times ahead, I’m sure! We had a windfall recently when Steve’s elderly aunt died leaving him a sizable inheritance. Her favorite nephew of all time, Steve had had an excellent relationship with Aunt Meredith from the time he was a young boy, growing up in a busy household with parents who are both doctors. Aunt Meredith was a spinster who enjoyed the raucous company of her brother’s children, and was especially fond of the shy and nerdy youngster that was Steve. She was thrilled to hear that we were going to have a baby and had looked forward to the event with pleasure. A few months ago, a massive coronary claimed her life, leaving Steve with her life’s savings.

We have a place of our own in Kitsilano, Vancouver. Life is good, and with the little one on the way, things could only get better though it would certainly be hectic! We decided to make a small investment for the future. Whistler wasn’t too far from Vancouver, only 1.5 hour’s drive along the scenic sea to sky highway, a beautiful hill station, unsurpassed by any other in the world. Having hosted the Winter Olympics recently, it was a well-known destination. Somewhere among the splendid lakes, alpine hiking and biking trails, the ziplines, and the golf courses was a little place waiting to be discovered so we could make our holiday home there!

After a few weekends of searching, we happened upon this ‘For Sale’ listing, and quickly driving to it, we found it was a perfect little studio apartment right in the middle of Whistler’s bustling township. On the corner of a four-storied apartment block that had a heated pool, a garden space with a walk, and gym facilities. We immediately started proceedings to buy it, and the most awesome thing about the place were the tall, narrow, operable windows, high performance to boot, that gave it an illusion of spaciousness, in spite of it being only 350 sq ft!

Once we got it, we got the place done up, outfitted with the basic but quality furniture and equipment that would make it attractive to tourists wanting to rent. Yes, we finally decided to rent it out to visiting tourists always on the look-out for good a deal. A double wall bed, a breakfast counter and two stools, a large comfy upholstered sofa, a wall mounted flat screen, a cooktop and microwave and a little bar fridge later, we were all set, especially as we had an onslaught of bookings from a whole lot of European and South American visitors who were descending upon Whistler for the FIFA Women’s World Cup slated to start on the 6th of June.

A Room with a View




Now, the windows here were of paramount importance, and we had to be careful how we had them covered with window blinds as the view was important – at once of the bustling town, and the thick tree cover and the mountain tops could be spied from here. At the same time, people could look in from the buildings opposite. And having spoken to our neighbors, we got to hear that the place could get pretty noisy at night, especially as delivery and garbage trucks started at the wee hours.

So, taking into consideration the sharp summer sun that was bound to hit the eye, especially when the sun was beginning its downward trajectory in the evening, the merry making sounds that could disturb of an evening, the noisy trucks, and the flashing lights from the sign boards at night, Steve and I decided to get the day-night honeycomb window shades that had numerous benefits to offer our little studio apartment.

Day-Night Cellular Shades – Subdued light – Room darkening/a View

Called the Sun Up-Sun Down Shades, these cellular shades are built with two options of fabric opacity in the same shade, allowing for the entry of light during the day even with the shade fully deployed down the window, room darkening or blackout if needed, when the sun is too bright, or one requires sleep during the day. The two types of fabrics in one is enabled by a mid rail that separates the two materials – the mid rail is color-coordinated to the top fabric and the hem bar is coordinated to the bottom half of the fabric. Either material can be deployed down the length of the window at any one time; as the sun up sun down shades are equipped with the TDBU (top down-bottom up feature), both fabrics can be employed at various desired levels, depending on the angle of the sun. This way, the exterior view can be adjusted for a view of the mountain tops or the view of the bustling activity on the street or a bit of both. One can also opt for the bottom half to be constructed of the cocoon fabric (metalized plastic sandwiched between two layers of spun lace that blocks the passage of light) that annihilates light for total blackout and/or privacy. In this instance, side rails lined with black felt on the insides are provided.

The Insulation factor

Cellular shades are known to be the most energy efficient of window coverings as they are air trappers – the hexagonal cells of trapped air that form their panel create a barrier so that warm air does not leave a room of a cold evening, nor will warm air penetrate a room of a hot afternoon when the shade is deployed over the window.

The pockets of air in single or double layers also block sound waves before they can find a surface to bounce off, causing exterior noises to be muted effortlessly.

Modern Convenience

We opted for cordless Sun Up/Sun Down Cellular Shades in a combination of cocoon salted caramel and translucence papyrus in 3/8″single cell layers to go with the stripes on the sofa as well as the greyish tone of the rug. We opted for the single cell option as most visitors would want to feel a part of the goings-on to an extent. Cordless shades meant that there would be no struggling with cords, especially if there were small kids around.



We are so pleased with our investment that we can’t wait to come and stay ourselves!



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