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A Walk through a Brand New Village.

Like the various societies in cities all over the world, The Toronto Society of Architects (TSA) organizes walking tours of special buildings. This year, the highlight is the walking tour of the Pan Am Games facilities.
The Pan Am Games are like the Olympics, but the participants are only from the Americas and the Caribbean, with the first of its kind held in 1951. This year, over 7,600 athletes will congregate in Toronto for the games. This, then, naturally calls for a large number of facilities, and the city has risen majestically to the challenge! The Pan Am Village is an 80-acre site located next to the Don River, in Toronto’s waterfront district. Ten new world-class facilities, including an athletics stadium (equipped to accommodate 10,000 athletes and officials), an aquatics center and field house, soccer stadium and velodrome, are being built.
The village complies with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental design (LEED) Gold certification, and includes a large transportation mall for the convenience of the athletes and officials, in keeping with Canada’s transit-friendly image, reminiscent of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games that was held in Vancouver.
The most attractive thing about this venture is the Pan Am Games Village will become a mixed-use neighborhood, accommodating affordable low-income housing for low-income families, in addition to the luxury condominiums, a YMCA, and a dormitory for nearby college students.
The architectural walk has sparked a lot of interest as it includes the scintillating Goldring Center for high-performance sport at the University of Toronto, erected to host the games in July, the 2000-seat indoor arena of which won the Ontario Association of Architects award for excellence.
Any international games add value to a city’s architectural scenario, and this new venture being LEED certified, is designed to be seamlessly energy efficient. The different types of housing obviously include different window types that will need to be covered for varied reasons that include privacy, protection from the sun’s UV rays and insulation, not to forget decor aspects. To get the most from windows, consider the following, in tandem with high-performance windows –

For Low-Income Housing

Use the Crown Roller Blinds fabricated from vinyl and fiberglass blends for resilience and polyester for interesting aesthetic appeal. They are brought to you in block colors for a clean and sophisticated look to interiors. They are available in light filtering and blackout materials with additional thermal and blackout foam backing that will maintain thermal sufficiency and sound proofing. These roller shades come with interesting additions like fringed and scalloped hems, cassette valances, and reverse roll headrails. There is a choice of either a corded control mechanism or a cordless one that would make sense for homes with children and pets. Cleaning and maintaining windows were never easier, with the roller shades needing only the occasional vacuuming to rid them of dust, or spot cleaning with a sponge and a mild detergent solution. Roller window shades can be used on both doors and windows, and fitted into the recesses of the frames of either will provide wonderful insulation for homes.

For Middle-Income Housing


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There’s a range of window dressings to opt from, but the best of the options would be the cellular shades that are heat trappers. Constructed from double layers joined at pleated edges to form hexagonal cells that trap air that forms a barrier between a window and the room, they offer excellent insulation that mightily cuts down on energy usage. Cellular Shades are available in light filtering, room darkening and blackout options, the last of which have the interiors of the cells lined with a metallized film called Mylar, that blocks 100% of the ambient light for blackout that would make for comfortable uninterrupted sleep. Made out of non-woven spun lace or point bonded polyester blends, cellular shades come in a spellbinding array of contemporary colors and styles that will blend with ease into practically any décor. The CrystalPleat Cellular Shade collection from Graber is augmented by the Sun Up-Sun Down Cellular Shades, and the newly introduced Perfect-Vue Pleated Cellular Shades that combines the decorative value of the pleated shades and the efficiency of cellular shades in one shade system, offering seamless versatility of brightness, privacy, insulation and a view.

For the Luxury home

For the consumer with deep pockets, the sky is, of course, the limit. The Artisan collection from Graber offers exquisitely hand-crafted sheers, drapery and Roman shades. For those with an eye for detail and excellence, the artisan collection is the answer to those who covet brilliantly crafted window dressings. Silks, velvets, polyester blends, linens, jacquards, you name it, Graber doesn’t disappoint – from a variety of header styles, fabric prints and textures, and hardware, the options on offer only boggle. For those who don’t like the fuss of voluminous fabrics, or for those who’d prefer a combination of window dressings, you have the artisan Roman shades in the classic flat, seamless, looped, relaxed and balloon styles for a variety of décor options. For endless convenience, apart from the traditional operation mechanisms, you have the automated lift systems that offer security and better energy efficiency when synced with other home automation systems.
Don’t sell yourselves short. Log on to for great offers on a fantastic variety of window dressings.



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