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Window Shutters or Blinds?

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What Differentiates Shutters from Blinds?

In an earlier blog, I told you how my customers often get confused between shades and blinds, which was very frustrating for me at times. Failing to differentiate between shutters and blinds is another area of confusion I come across, just as often. As they both have vanes, it is difficult for me to convince people that there is a significant difference between these two window treatments.

Recently, a customer with a good sense of humor even started singing, “Potato, potahto, tomato, tomahto!”, when I asked him whether he wanted shutters or blinds for his windows. I had to count up to ten before explaining to him there is a vast difference between shutters and blinds, and we cannot laugh the matter off. Window dressings make an enormous difference to homes in terms of home value, energy saving, aesthetic appeal and the comfort of home dwellers. It is important to research to get information about the best choice you can make for your home windows.

When you begin your quest for the perfect home, it is important to have some basic knowledge about what goes into making a mere building a perfect home for you. That includes at some knowledge about the differences in window dressings and their practical use in your home. It will be well worth the effort as your window covers are going to make a huge difference to your home in the years to come.



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Window Shutters.

Shutters are unrivaled window coverings, which can be considered to be the expensive than blinds as well. But, it is not just the price that makes shutters stand apart from its counterparts. Window Shutters have captured the imagination of home decorators from time immemorial, to add exquisite designs to windows. Though shutters have faced fierce competition from new window fashions from time to time, they have successfully survived the onslaught by adapting to changing demands. Curtains, neither drapes, shades nor the Venetian blinds have been able to replace shutters completely. Having humble roots, made with with marble slats, today, shutters are available in wood, composite or faux wood materials.


Though shutters and blinds are typically ‘hard’ window covering, with slats that can be opened and closed to vary the light entering the room, their practical function is not the same. The slats in shutters are enclosed within a slender frame,and are typically heavier, thicker and wider than those in blinds as shutters were initially used as outdoor window shading. They were manufactured to withstand the extreme conditions of the outdoors. Hence, they are sturdier and more durable than other window treatments. They are also used as protective covers against intrusion or natural disasters. With modern architecture, shutters began to be installed indoors, and are becoming popular indoor installations in designer homes. Shutter panels and doors are used as closet/wardrobe doors instead of solid doors.


Shutters add more value to your home than any other window treatments; they are considered to be building fixtures in a home. Shutters are custom designed to meet the requirement of modern architecture. Shutters do not have any strings connecting the slats together nor can they typically be pulled up to the top or stacked on the side; instead, the louvers open and close with the movement of the tilt rod connecting them to control the amount of light to be let in or blocked. You will also notice the wider slats provide a better view when they are open.


The Woodlore Engineered Shutters from Norman are made from engineered wood blends that are built in conjunction with modern convenience. The amazing feature of these shutters is its invisible tilt control. The louvers are given polypropylene coating that prevents the shutters from cracking, warping, twisting or catching mold.


Interior window shutters block light more efficiently than outdoor shutters. The slats in shutters overlap, making them more effective in blocking out the light. Typically the shutter panels would swing open on hinges much like a door, but modern shutters are made for applications like peaks, angles, arches, French doors, and skylights to name a few. The bi-fold shutter style is ideal for the large windows and the sliding glass doors. Shutters can be customized to fit your round shaped windows or the arches. The bypass style is perfect for the patio doors, and café panel styles are ideal for bedrooms and washrooms.


You have motorization options for controlling the slats in modern shutters, adding an edge to their already enchanting presence in your home. Shutters can also last a lifetime and come with a 4 to 10-year warranty period. Blinds cannot compete with shutters when it comes to durability.

Window Blinds.

Window blinds are highly versatile and are available in a range of materials to blend in with any décor with ease. Blinds are made of leaner cross sections than shutters are, and have thin and narrow slats. They are installed indoors and can replace drapes or shades. The louvers in the blinds are stringed together with a cord running through route-holes in their slats. The cord can be pulled to open or close or tilt the slats, and they can also be raised and lowered. Window blinds allow you a greater degree of flexibility than window shutters, as you can lift them out of the way entirely.

Have a look at the different types of blinds available in the market today, both horizontal and vertical versions:

· Aluminum Blinds

· Composite Blinds

· Faux Wood Blinds

· Vinyl Blinds

· Wood Blinds

Blinds are attached with the help of brackets at the top of the window that allows them to be installed with ease.

One of the added advantages of blinds over shutters is that they are less complicated than the shutters, and are not as expensive as shutters either. Since they are made of lighter and softer materials, they are extremely cost effective and affordable, even with a tight budget. With the installation of blinds, you can make your home energy efficient as they effectively restrict the harmful heat rays from the outside during the summer and helps in retaining the inside heat during the winter, and create a comfortable ambiance in your home.


Depending on your need and requirement, and considering your budget, make a choice of either blinds or shutters for your home. Make wise and informed choices that will give you satisfaction for a long time to come. As Kofi Annan said, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”.


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