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My house can be called a circus. It is a weird family with crazy members my husband, three kids, two dogs, four gold fish, the boss of all, Missy our cat, and I! Terry Pratchett said, “In ancient times cats were worshiped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” This was true in case of Missy who came to our family as a tiny little kitty, but soon turned into a snobby queen who ignored all of us, including the big Great Dane, Daniel, as though we were insignificant beings in her world. With her attitude, she was the topic of discussion whenever we had a visitor.


When it was time for Missy to have kittens, I decided to keep the kittens at home because I loved Missy, and I loved being a Mom. I did not want to deny her the pleasure of going through the natural process she was destined for. My children were excited and went crazy when they got to know there would be kittens at home. Missy was pregnant and due at the right time – during the spring break. I wanted to leave my home and run away to Africa for this break because the excitement with kittens that were not yet born was already driving me crazy. I had to put Tiara on a time out for striking her younger brother, Mike because they disagreed on kitten names. Missy ignored all the attention she was receiving from the family and lived in her own inimitable style.


I was tired of answering questions about when the kittens were coming, which was a million times a day. Finally, they were here, and I was not sure whether to be excited, relieved or scared. The kittens looked so fragile and delicate with eyes sealed that I was afraid that my excited children would actually kill them by just looking at them. Missy looked soft and tender as she nursed her blind babies lovingly. I did not want to lose the peace I had at the moment before the family woke up. It was the dogs that did the damage by jumping on Tiara’s bed and waking her up to announce the big news. Soon, there were squeals of excitement, feet running towards Missy, the chattering of children and the barking of dogs all combined to create enough noise to chase me to another planet.



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The children and dogs were given stern instructions not to trouble the newborn kittens and their nursing mother. They had their lists of what they could and couldn’t do. Being Missy lovers, they all listened, but I was not sure how much of it they would follow.


Within a few weeks, the helpless kittens turned into the most beautiful little cats I had ever seen in my life. They were bursting with energy as they ran around the house playing pranks. One of their favorite games turned out to be climbing the satin drapery on our living room windows. The drapery ran down to the floor that made it convenient for them to get hold of. One or two of them would slowly climb to the top of the drape while the rest of them watched from below. Once at the top, they would start crying for help, with Missy standing below and ignoring them. The dogs would start barking and running towards the children to bring them over. They would rush in with cameras to capture the scene before taking them off the drape. After some time, the drama would repeat itself!


I saw that the kitty paws were damaging my drapes, but there was no way I could remove the drapes or prevent the kittens from climbing them, because the children wanted a perfect video of all five kittens climbing together. It was an old window treatment that needed replacement, so I allowed the drama to go on. Honestly, I loved the fun myself, though I did not express it openly.


It was soon time for the kittens to be adopted by new families and the window treatment to be changed. I have seen how energetic children and animals can leave their prints on window treatments, making them look ugly and old in no time. I wanted something durable and strong for my windows that would survive the animal and human assault every day. It was not just the messed up satin drapery; I wanted to replace all the different window treatments in our home so that I could have uniformity for all the windows.


When I sat down for a talk with Jeff, my husband, he agreed that we needed evenness for our windows and proposed that we install Aluminum Blinds that would meet all our requirements, including the budget. Before agreeing to his proposal, I wanted to be sure that the aluminum blinds were safe and aesthetically pleasing for our home. I was amazed to find some gorgeous aluminum blinds, with significant practical applications at reasonable prices. I was especially attracted to the 1 inch Aluminum Cordless Supreme Graber Blinds, which was not just stylish but also the best for a home with children and pets. These blinds could be raised and lowered easily at the touch of a finger making them the ideal window dressing for our home.


The most important and attractive feature of these blinds was that they were proof against scratch, stains, dust, mildew and molds. They were sturdy and durable enough to survive the circus that our home is. As for the visual appeal, the blinds had color-coordinated components that provided a finished look while the cordless handle kept the blinds clean. There was nothing more to discuss now since this amazing product met our every requirement. Jeff ordered the blinds online. It was not a challenge for him to install them on our windows, since installing these blinds was a painless and simple process.


For once, Missy is not the center of attraction, but my blinds and new home decor are, which, of course, does not bother her at all!


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