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Designer Transformation: Window Treatment Ideas for Wide Windows

Window Treatment Ideas for Wide Windows

Window Treatment Ideas for Wide Windows: The Smartest Hacks For Maximum Impact


Wide windows are always beautiful and having them in your home brings additional benefits and luxuries. They offer more outside views, allowing us to enjoy the fresh breeze and natural light from the comfort of our indoors. Although these types of windows enhance the overall appearance of the space to the next level of beauty, they always required a special attention to cover them with right window treatments for functional purpose. If wide windows are dressed properly, they can do wonders for you. Extra wide window blinds can protect the home from the harmful beams and excess heat to make the interior comfortable and pleasing all year around.

If you are looking for the perfect window treatment ideas for wide windows then this article will help you to embellish your windows in the best possible way. But before you consider buying any window treatments, just be clear about the requirements then that will make your shopping experience easier and smoother because depending on your needs all these wide window blinds are available in different fabric and design options.

Extra Wide Window Blinds


Below window treatment ideas for wide windows will definitely help you to create the home you’ve always dreamed of:

Top 6 Extra Wide Window Blinds for a Phenomenal Appearance


Do you have long windows or a group of windows side by side? Then cover them with the top rated window shades and blinds introduced by top renowned brands such as Graber, Crown, and Norman. Most important, many of the window shades for wide windows can be customized with the motorization feature so that you can access them without any hassle. The amount of light and heat your wide windows face can be balanced with the below window coverings –


#1: Insulating Cellular Shades for Wide Windows

These shades are one of the most popular window coverings because of their sleek and smooth appearance, extreme versatility and flexibility. The insulation properties make the shade unique and different from other standard shadings. A huge variety of colors choices and lift mechanisms are available to match any décor style that provides your space with the right functionality and aesthetics. These cellular shades are easily customizable, so don’t forget to pick up the right one for your desired room. These classy and simple window shades trap the excess heat in their cell pocket so that your room stays comfy during both summer and winter season. If you are someone who is searching for living room window treatment for large windows, then these shades are designed for you.

Cellular Shades for Wide Windows


#2: Unique Faux Wood Blinds

If you are looking for a traditional look through these wide windows, then faux wood blinds are the right choice for your interior. They work well in any extreme Canadian weather as they are resistant to moisture and heat and that is why they don’t warp or fade. They are the best way to make your lifestyle luxurious while complementing your wide big windows. Faux wood blinds will never disappoint you when it comes to functionality or aesthetic appeal. These amazing blinds are the unique and hot trendy choice for large kitchen window treatments.

Faux Wood Blinds for Kitchen Windows


#3: Fabricated Roman Shades

Made of soft and elegant fabrics, roman shades create a graceful ambiance throughout the room while being functional in controlling light and providing privacy. They can be coordinated with the beautiful draperies for a layered look. To achieve an artistic mood, install the shades high enough to create an illusion of a longer window. Different style and lift mechanisms help to create a streamlined versatile look.

Roman Shades with Draperies for Wide Windows


#4: Designer Roller Solar Shades for Wide Windows

Roller solar window shades are one of the simplest and most affordable window treatments for big wide windows. They can create a contemporary look instantly with wide range of texture and style options. Install good quality window shades and enjoy the diffused natural light while having glare and UV protection.

Roller Solar Shades for Wide Windows


#5: Trendy Shutters for Wide Windows

Window shutters are an ideal window solution for your widest windows. They can help you to control the undesired daylight from entering home and heating it up. They look timeless and sophisticated with their wide range of graceful colors and design selections. Install them today to increase the aesthetic value of your home while enhancing the functionality also. Most important, shutters are considered as the most durable window solution so they don’t break or damage in extreme weather conditions.

Shutters for Wide Windows


#6: For a Softer Effect, Hang Curtains on Wide Windows

If you have wide windows in your living room, then you can cover them with lightweight colorful window curtains which permit a soft glow to enter your home during daytime and privacy during night time. They are easily customizable to get an astonishing makeover. In addition to this, light-colored window curtains help your décor look more spacious and airy. For a royal outlook, consider attaching valances or cornices with these amazing curtains that will compliment your entire home while creating an impressive look. Install the valances closer to the ceiling to create an impression of a tall window. Get these valances and cornices at low-prices only at ZebraBlinds. Shop now to save more!

Curtains for Wide Windows


Get Customized Extra Wide Window Blinds at a Budget-friendly Price!

Wide windows are magnificent, so dress those up beautifully and efficiently with the fashionable and stylish window treatments. Free samples are available for the ultimate convenience and better shopping experience. Get these shades now and take advantage of all our exciting discounts and deals to save more.

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