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Window Treatment Ideas for your home

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Color Selection for window treatment ideas

Figuring out what color to put inside your home can sometimes be the most aggravating, mind-boggling, frustrating, husband killing kind of thing. Well, at least if you are me it can be, and yes, yes my poor husband, trust me I have heard that far too many times already. I mean he picked me and that ugly colored couch…OK so maybe his color taste isn’t the best. But his heart was in the right place, right. I’m sure you interior designers and people of the artistic inclinations have felt a similar feeling when planning out how your space will look. Most people really don’t think about it, until they are faced with it. Colors are a daily part of our life and picking the right ones to surround you on a daily basis in your space is a lot more important than people give credence. Yes, the wrong colored throw isn’t going to kill you, but it can annoy you subconsciously which can later affect how bad your day really is or how bad that argument really gets. Think about it when you think about window treatment ideas.


A person who had a great day and came home to a mess may be more inclined to handle the situation positively by talking in calmer tones to your partner or kids and even helping to clean up. However, a bad day and messy homes mean someone is losing their head like the French monarch in the Revolution. Colors similarly can be that slightly positive or negative factor. The effect of colors are not lasting and can be just the an in the moment kind of thing, but it still has an effect. So why not surround yourself with colors that make you happy and positive.



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The Pantone Fashion Color Report states that the color trends for 2015 are moving towards pastels, light nature-inspired pastels. The En Plein Air. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute states that the neutral and light pastel colors are inspired by the growing need to step out of our daily hustle and bustle. The colors create a sense of soothing and warmth to help people relax and take a moment for themselves in the age of constant connectivity. Keep up with the trends and make yourself a place of comfort and warmth with your home decor.


From neutral shades in sofas and pastel cushions, you have a variety of simple choices to pick the colors for you. Personally, my favorite colors have always been in the blue family. Too much blue can make space feel a bit dull and depressing. In order to tone my overuse of blue, I went for light colored drapes and neutral shades of browns for my carpets and blinds. A soft pastel pink or a warm cream curtain to frame my neutral tan colored blinds and soft taupe carpeting keeps my place from being too doom and gloom with all the blue. Yes, I love blue, but neutral and warmer colors thrown in between all the blue and white makes the place a bit warmer and more welcoming. Vice verse for a place with lots of reds or yellows some of the complimentary colors such as blue and violet can help ease the passion and vibrancy of the other colors.


Many people have hardwood floors. The best thing about hardwood floors is the beautiful wood, it brings a natural element right into space. Colors found in nature are great picks for your interior decor, they never go out the trend, and their nature tones play well with a variety of colors. You can be a bit bolder when picking your window treatment or sofa shades. The natural wood works well with bright shades of yellows, reds or with the nice neat solid whites, black and blues. Keeping the color scheme to the pastels would be best as it would add all the passion and the calm you want in equal measure without overloading the senses.


Before making your decisions final its always best to try out samples. Most window blinds store like Zebrablinds Canada, and others allow customers to get free samples. This allows you to not only checkout the color, but also the texture. Word to the wise, when online shopping remembers your screen and the color, in reality, will look different. The primary reason for this is because of how we see color. As many of us know the color is not an innate thing within the object, but the light reflecting off it that our retinas pick up and translate to our brain as color. That is the way we see color in the normal context of objects like apples and samples. Your computer, tablet, T.V or phone screen is a different in that the light is not reflecting off the object but being directly shot into your eyes. Basically, the screen emits light types that translate to color in our brains. The difference this causes is that colors on screen seem a lot more vibrant and can look like a different shade altogether. Professional designer tends to have color books that tell us what the code for the color on the screen will look like in real life. This helps us make sure we don’t give our clients the wrong shade of yellow or pink. Thus, always get a free paint, fabric or window treatment sample before making your purchases finale.


Now while I sort out this husband and bad couch issue, you go find yourself the perfect sample for your perfect interior decor inspirations.


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