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Window treatment and the Mosquito menace

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Mosquito explosion prompts larviciding in Winnipeg



WINNIPEG – Mosquito numbers have rocketed and the city plans to resume its battle with the pesky critters Tuesday. The City of Winnipeg’s mosquito traps held an average of 40 mosquitoes Monday, up from nine on Friday. The highest mosquito numbers are in the city’s southwest, where the average trap count was 71 on Monday. (June 09 2015. Global NEWS)

In Winnipeg mosquitoes are a reality and bad news, unfortunately, at this time of the year, when the weather is just right to open out windows, watch the flowers bloom and the birds chirp or sit out to enjoy the breeze and abundant beauty that nature has to offer. The dangers and irritation that mosquito invasions entail are well known to all, especially those who are affected by it. They are also aware that the only options available are poison and proofing, using specialty barriers. Poison kills both man and beast without discrimination so should not be considered as an option. This means that the barriers are the only safe option available.

It is useful to remember that it is very difficult to eradicate mosquitoes; prolific breeders, they will reappear whenever the condition is right. They tend to swarm indoors at dawn and dusk when the outdoors is at its magical best. They are a painful, kill-joy aspect of life in Winnipeg and will have to be factored into existing and future window treatment projects.




Choosing the right window treatment type with mosquito menace in mind:

Window Blinds. Mosquitoes’ ability to maneuver through the tiniest of spaces renders blinds unsuitable for the purpose. The slat design of blinds provides enticing gaps for them to gain entry. A window with a blind will need to be backed-up with a netting to prevent mosquitoes from entering. The Crown Range of Exterior Solar shades can serve the purpose of providing a shield from the outside.


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Curtains and drapes. There is no question about the contribution that curtains and drapes introduce to the décor of a room by way of color, richness, fullness, and glamor. Unfortunately, they are not very effective mosquito barriers either.



• The mounting and the space between the window and the panel comes in the way of mosquito proofing.
• The windows need to be tightly shut especially at dusk when mosquitoes tend to swarm in, a laborious routine that prevents air flow. Closing of windows becomes a compulsory, routine because once mosquitoes enter they need to be swatted or gassed to death.
• Dark colors, the rich material, folds and embellishments of curtains and drapes are favorite resting places for mosquitoes providing camouflage.
• Curtains can only be installed indoors.



Window Shades. The design and the continuous length of fabric used to fabricate shades make them ideal for mosquito proofing. Shades are made using both natural and man-made material, usually the latter. They present the following advantages vis a vis mosquito proofing:
• Can be installed to sit flush with the window frame with no gaps in-between for mosquitoes to creep in.
• Unlike natural fabric, resembling mosquito-proof nets, polyester, and other synthetics are not favored resting places for mosquitoes. Moreover, polyester does not provide the warmth and camouflage that mosquito’s relish.
• Through shades, advanced user requirements like a view, light flooding, light filtering, room darkening, blackout, UV blocking and energy efficiency can be achieved easily, presenting a year round window dressing solution.
• Shades can be installed indoors and outdoors for sit-outs and verandahs and are easy to clean and maintain.




There is a wide choice of designs available to choose from to serve various purposes including mosquito proofing:



1. Cellular and Cellular Vertical Shades with side and head rails allow for smooth operation and with its light and temperature controlling properties is ideal for the living room, bedrooms, and patio doors.
2. Pleated shades with back ladder support make for a crisp window treatment. Window treatment statements, they can also double as perfect seal-shut mosquito proofing. For beauty, elegance and functionality check out FashionPleat and EvenPleat from Graber.
3. Roller /Solar shades have the added advantage of ‘railroading’. The height can become the width for large size windows. The can enhance the décor of any room acting like easily maneuverable exquisite mosquito barriers that can be adjusted to allow air, view, light and temperature control. Moderately priced, the LightWeaves range presents a must look opportunity to lead a normal life in spite of the mosquito menace.
4. Skylight shades are the solution for skylight openings provided in homes. For those hard to reach openings skylight shades are the most efficient option. They perform their intended functions without allowing a single mosquito through. One look at the CrystalPleat range of skylight solutions and you will fall in love with them.
5. Outdoor shades need to complement the time, effort and expenses expended on beautifying the interior by extending style statements and practicality to the outdoors. The Graber range of Exterior Solar Shades does this beautifully. The woven polyester-vinyl-glass fiber construction makes them ideal for providing a view, soaking in benevolent weather conditions and limiting paths of entry for insects. Their controls can be convenient and smooth. With additional ingenuity, they can function as effective mosquito proofing while serving all the functions of exterior shades. For sit-outs, verandahs, out houses and porticos the Motorized Graber Exterior Solar Shades are worthy of serious consideration. They are effective all year round.


There are products and solutions to suit any budget to keep the euphemistically named “The Manitoba Air-Force” in the skies, where they naturally belong. Begin the search at




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