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Window Treatments for Corner and Bay Windows

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Solving Problems Posed By Unique Windows in Your Home


Installation of a window treatment is not a challenge to homeowners anymore. With detailed instructions provided by the manufacturers, customers opt for DIY options to furnish their windows, not just to save some bucks but also for the satisfaction of doing the job perfectly according to one’s need and requirement. If you purchase your window treatment online, you will have a separate section describing a step-by-step procedure for installing the product, allowing customers to install their window treatments without any hassle.



Corner and Bay Windows

Unfortunately, all windows are not the same and do not always stand alone. Bay windows are different than standard windows with its unusual feature of window space projecting outward from the main walls of a building, forming a bay in the room. It fills the room with a view of the landscaping beyond, beautifully executed by its angled panes.
Corner windows are a beautiful addition to any home since they stand out among the traditional windows with a unique style. They increase the beauty of a room, and let more light in than regular windows. A corner window provides the opportunity for a far wider view and greater angle of viewing from the room. It is ideal for an area that looks out into a garden, park, landscape or any kind of beautiful vista.
Though they are a beautiful addition to any homes, corner and bay window treatment installation may not be simple and easy – even with all the installation instructions provided with the products. It would be a challenge to cover bay and corner windows in your home perfectly since they may need special mounting brackets or flexible rods to accommodate the multiple wall surfaces of a bay window and also to fit corners with windows which may not be a precise 90° angle.



Cellular Shades to the Rescue

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The leading manufacturer in window treatments, Graber brings you cellular shades that can be customized to fit your corner and bay windows without much hassle. Cellular shades have great advantages when installed on your windows.

  • They are Highly energy efficient
  • Solutions for numerous privacy and light-control needs
  • Offered in three cell sizes to match diverse decor styles
  • Broad spectrum of on-trend colors to enhance every room
  • All shade components are color coordinated

Moreover, the amazing Graber CrystalPleat Cellular Shades are made from a variety of luxurious Spunlace, point-bond or woven fabrics, increasing its practical functionality. Cellular shades are highly energy efficient due to the pockets of air formed by the cellular design. The CrystalPleat collection is the perfect combination of function and fashion, providing energy efficiency while stylishly covering your windows, and above all, they can be installed on corner and bay windows as well.



Installing Cellular Shades on Corner Windows

Graber does not charge extra for the shades to be installed on corner windows. They are made as individual shades with each shade having its own control. Customers can choose between the butt or bypass option for their shades. Bypass shade is mounted into the corner, whereas the butt shade is abutted to the other shade. The manufacturer will take appropriate deductions for a proper fit.
Unfortunately, cornices are not available for corner windows. When it comes to Bottom Up-To Down and Sun-Up-Sun-Down Standard Cord Control shades, the corner controls will be hard to reach. You have to keep in mind that for Slide-Vue shades, the handles between the Bypass and Butt shades will be offset 3¾” (9.6 cm) from each other for ease of operations.


Measuring Information

When you are mounting the shades on a Wall or Molding, measure the width of each window from the corner on the mounting surface (molding or wall) to the point you would like to cover. When you are mounting the shades above the Molding, measure the width of each window from the corner on the mounting surface to the point you would like to cover. Projection measurement is the distance needed to clear any molding or obstructions that the shade will be mounted above.



Cellular Shades for Bay Windows

Graber brings you cellular shades for bay windows at nominal price. They are manufactured as individual shades with each section having its own control. The manufacturer will take appropriate deductions for proper fit, so it is recommended that customers do not order as a bay window shade if they do not want manufacturer to take deductions. Cornices are not available on bay windows as well. For Bottom-Up-Top-Down and Sun-Up-Sun-Down with Standard Cord Control the corner controls will be hard to reach. Also there will be a light gap between adjacent side rails for Slide-Vue shades.



Measuring Information

Three-sided Bay Window and Four-sided Bay Window – measurement should be taken with a width of each side window from the corners on the mounting surface to the point you would like to cover.
Importance should be given to the projection distance which is needed to correctly calculate deductions for installations where the shades will use shims or projection brackets to clear trim or molding. All projection distances must match for correct deductions to be calculated. For additional windows on bays with up to five sides, continue with number progression for center shade sizes and angles as needed.
Customers should measure each bay angle using a protractor or angle finder or use two business cards in each bay corner, trace on paper, and fax the measurements to customer service. The angle to use between adjacent center bay windows along a straight section of wall is 180°.
If the customers are very sure of their abilities in taking measurement, they can do the measuring and ordering of bay and corner window shades in Canada on their own, but for a perfect fit and consistent look it is recommended that they speak to an expert or a design consultant before placing the order.




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