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Graceful Window Treatments To Increase The Elegance Of French Doors

Window Treatments for French Doors

Cover Your French Doors Smartly With Best Window Treatments

French architecture has influenced the world to a great extent with its elegant and eye-catching designs. French windows and doors have been gaining popularity since the 17th century. They have given a graceful look to our homes. But, looks are not enough in today’s smart and tech-inspired world. So many of the latest and upgraded implementations are available in the market which you can opt for while redesigning your home to make it more intelligent.


Upgrading the windows and doors are very much important for redesigning the home. Curtains and drapes are an outdated trend. Blinds and shades are the best replacement and are available in so many colors, textures, patterns, sizes, functionalities, materials, and shapes. You can match these window coverings as per the theme and look of your home. You can also choose the suitable one as per your needs of light, privacy, and noise.


ZebraBlinds offers an array of window blinds and shades in various specifications at affordable prices. We have a window covering solution for every portion of your home like the bedroom, living room, kitchen, backyard, bathroom, etc. We also offer the best solution for different kinds of windows and doors. You can explore our collection of best blinds for patio doors or french doors online.


Best Window Treatments for French Doors


Vertical Window Blinds:

These are the most recommended and best window treatments for french doors and windows or any other large size windows. They can be crafted using PVC, Vinyl, wood, and fabric. For superior light control, durability and easy maintenance, you can opt for vinyl vanes. If you want to have the control over the opacity of your window coverings then go ahead with fabric vertical blinds as they come from sheer to room darkening options. They are also available in various kinds of weaves and color shades. They are soft, elegant and easy to wash. For a traditional look, you can choose wooden vertical blinds which come in standard paints and stains. All types of vertical blinds are designed using premium quality material and offer a dramatic feel to your home interiors. The vanes of vertical blinds for patio doors overlap with each other perfectly leading to complete blockage of sunlight and harsh glare. They are also recommended for patio or sliding doors.

 Vertical Window Blinds for French Doors


Blackout Shades:

Blackout blinds are for complete darkness. They completely block the UV radiations and light from the sun. Implementing these window coverings is perfect for those who want a dark ambiance in their room. People with rotational shifts need to sleep during the day, so by installing these blackout shades, they can sleep comfortably and without any disturbance of light. They are available in various color schemes, designs, textures and patterns as per the need and choice of homeowners.

 Blackout Shades for French Doors


Smart Vertical Shades:

These sun porch window treatments not only make the home elegant but also smart and intelligent. Operating window coverings using cords is an outdated trend and is also unsafe if you have kids and pets at home. We offer cordless smart vertical shades which can be operated with a remote control from anywhere in the room. You can also access them with your smartphones with the help of Z-wave technology equipped in them. This smart home blind control can also be accessed using smart home hubs like Samsung SmartThings and Wink. You will need Amazon Alexa or Google Home to enjoy the feature of giving voice commands to your window coverings. Smart vertical shades are preferred by most homeowners as these give a very sophisticated and tech-inspired feel to your home.


Cellular Honeycomb Shades:

These shades have a honeycomb structure which traps the outside heat making the ambiance of the home cool and soothing. You can adjust the level of darkness in them by adjusting the number of cells or the fabric openness. The more the cells the more will be the absorption of heat the more will be the level of insulation and darkness.

 Vertical Cellular Shades for French Doors


Roller Shades:

Roller shades offer a very traditional and simple look to your home. They are beautiful and also effective for controlling light and heat. They come in many materials, colors, patterns, designs, shapes, and sizes. They can be installed in large to small size windows and doors. For French doors, they are suitable and a good match. Easy to install and clean, these window coverings are long-lasting and durable. This budget-friendly window treatment solution is a perfect mixture of style and protection.

 Fabric Roller Shades for French Doors


Roman Shades:

Roman shades are perfect to add elegance and beauty to your windows and doors. Along with the effective functioning of light blockage and temperature maintenance, these roman shades are also smart in functionality. They can be operated smartly using a remote, your smartphone or home automation hubs. They are soft and get folded up like a drape. Available in various fabrics, styles, colors, designs and sizes, these roman shades bring a polished look to your home.

Roman Shades for French Doors


Why do You Need to Cover French Doors?


1. Harmful UV radiations:

The scorching sun over your head and entering your home can damage your skin, furniture, flooring and another household décor. Doors and windows are the major sources from where sunlight enters your home. Therefore, covering them is essential and beneficial for all homeowners. Window blinds and shades are the latest and most-effective way to shield your home from outside harsh weather. They block the excess amount of light from entering your home and keep ambiance soothing and comfortable.


2. Energy-saving: 

Excess usage of air conditioners is making the environment unhealthy and degrading to our mother nature. We should adopt some nature-friendly methods to make our homes relaxing and maintaining their temperature. Window blinds and shades are a budget-friendly and most-recommended way which serve the purpose effectively without any side effects to the environment. Implementation of these smart window coverings will reduce the usage of the air conditioner which will lead to deduction of a considerable amount of money in your energy bills. So, these are a worthy investment which contributes to your savings as well.


3. Enhanced appearance:

Curtains and drapes look old-fashioned. Window blinds and shades are a perfect and modern replacement for them which will make your home look smart and elegant. They provide a sleek appearance and can also be customized as per the theme of your home. Our experts are available to guide you in taking the right option. Moreover, you can go through our website to know the instructions related to installation, cleaning and operating these modern window coverings.


4. Privacy:

This is a very major concern of all homeowners. Nobody likes people peaking inside of your home. This is very uncomfortable and unsafe as well. French doors and windows being large in size should be covered to get maximum privacy. Window treatments for french doors play a great role in the look as well as the safety of your home. They are versatile and easy to operate. You can adjust the level of opacity or darkness as per your needs and choice.


It might be very difficult for your loved ones and kids to have a nice time inside the home if they always have to be subjected to the harmful heat rays entering from doors and windows. Installing window coverings can help you safeguard your home from the extreme weather during both the summers and the winters. In addition, you can get them customized according to the size and shape of your windows and doors so that they fit perfectly while minimizing light gaps that could lead to heat loss. ZebraBlinds is the best place and a one-stop solution to order blinds online. You can get cheap window blinds in Canada in so many specifications and without any hurdles.

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