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Window Treatments for mild climates

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Like if you are in Calgary, Alberta

Close to the Rocky Mountains, Calgary experiences a humid continental climate that is dry, sunny, windy and cool. Sitting on the prairies, the city enjoys plenty of sunshine with low rainfall. The city is among the sunniest in Canada, with an average of 300 sunny days every year. The sun’s warmth can be felt even on days that are cold and snowy. The average temperature in Calgary ranges from a January daily average of −8.9 °C to a July daily average of 16.2 °C. Everyone living in Calgary and surrounding areas is familiar with the Chinook – the warm, moist wind from the Pacific Ocean that results in temperature variations of up to 15 degrees within a few hours. The most distinctive characteristic of Calgary winters is the dip in temperatures that makes it very cold occasionally.
The major consideration for those venturing upon a window treatment project of any scale should include:
• The many sunny days
• The wind
• Visibility that can extend upwards of 20Km
• Humidity
• The winter cold




Window dressings and sunny days


The sun available right through the year, synonymous to warmth, is a free resource that can be exploited to the maximum. An important factor to consider is the proper control mechanism for window treatments that will make it easy to make the necessary adjustment to introduce free heating. The most popular control mechanisms available for shades are cords, cordless lift, and loop lift. However, the most convenient by far is to go the motorization route. The greatest advantage of motorization is the fact that it is highly adaptable and can incorporate the latest in technology and will allow for anytime-anywhere remote control. Though more expensive than all other control types the versatility which motorized control introduces in the general scheme of window coverings will enable it to pay back for itself through real savings in utility expenses.
Motorization is best suited for shades and blinds especially those covering larger, narrower and hard to reach windows. Check out the latest Virtual Cord for automation.


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Window shades and the wind


The whole of Alberta and especially Calgary is blessed with constant wind. The window treatment control mechanism is not a major factor for allowing the wind indoors. Movable windows having shutters that can be opened and closed with curtains, shades or blinds will allow the introduction of the abundantly available Calgary fresh air into the home and contribute towards the health of residents. The wind is frequently enjoyed when the residents are at home so drawing a curtain or operating a cord to adjust shades and blinds is never too cumbersome. The one drawback of keeping windows open to allow wind flow is the particle factor, in other words, dust, leaves and insects deposited indoors. It is in this regard that window treatments type becomes necessary. Curtains and drapes can be drawn away from window openings to prevent the direct deposit of particles onto the material. Blinds and shades that are exposed to direct deposit of particles pose a maintenance issue. However, leading suppliers like Graber make their products from superior quality polyester fiber that is long lasting, easy to clean, operate and maintain.




Window coverings and visibility


Architects strive to position windows to exploit the best view available around the building. Homeowners take it a step further by installing the most appropriate window treatments that will enable them to enjoy the view right through the year. Each window type has its own positives and negatives. To a large extent the overall effect that the window dressing has on the interior décor overrides all other factors. The good news is that the window shades industry is evolved enough to provide choices of color, material and design in every window treatment type to enable the homeowner to fix the treatment that she/he fancies. Though traditionally curtains and drapes have been preferred for large living room windows, attractive blinds and shades are now available with to provide visual transmittance, daylighting and glare control and privacy at will.




Window treatment and humidity


Excess humidity results in overall dampness indoors, and it is accentuated when there is a buildup of moisture indoors. Warm air carries more water vapour than cold air. In Calgary, with its high ambient humidity, it is essential to have drapes and other window coverings that allow easy exchange of outdoor and indoor air. Condensation on glass surfaces happens when the window covering restricts the internal warm air from flowing over the glass surface. Natural material like cotton, wool and silk used in curtains, drapes and shades should be treated for moisture resistance. Shades and blinds are most often made of manmade material like polyester, acryl, PVC, etc. that are inherently moisture resistant.




Window dressings and the winter cold


Temperatures can dip below −40 °C in winter making the combating of deep chills a primary consideration for window treatments. Leading manufacturers like Norman, Graber, Hunter Douglas and Crown spend a lot of time and effort to put constantly products suitable for tackling extremes in temperature. Cellular, Top down Bottom Up, Roller shades, Natural Wood and Faux Wood, Aluminum and Acrylic blinds all designed to provide all weather comfort that is expected out of window shades for Calgary are available on this website itself. Click, examine the discounts, and choose the appropriate one for your home.





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