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Window Treatments to Control the Sun While Keeping an Amazing View

Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Alluring handicrafts, mesmerizing outside view, traditional antiques, lush green houseplants, and textured furniture add various colors to the beauty of your dining room. However, it can be difficult to enjoy the full view with the heat and glare from the sunlight overwhelming your space.

We can use window treatments for sliding glass patio doors to help in controlling sunlight for our home. So, here are some tips for you to diminish the sunlight without spoiling the beautiful view from your dining room:


Ideas for Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Patio Doors

  1. Vertical Shades:

  • Vertical shades are similar to vertical blinds, except that they have sheer fabric draped across and connecting each vane. This provides added versatility in light control, as when you have the vanes closed you can get privacy, but when you have the vanes open, you can filter the light through the sheer fabric while retaining your view. Vertical shades are a great option if you are looking for something more than just regular old vertical blinds, and if you like the look of sheer drapery to filter the light through your patio doors. These vertical panes provide 100% privacy to you when closed.

  • These vertical panes can be tilted open to allow filtered light through, reducing glare and heat while retaining your view.

  • Versatile light control options along with the possibility for complete privacy makes these vertical shades perfect for any time of day.

  • These panes allow natural light to enter your room without hampering the beautiful outside view while reducing glare and heat from direct sunlight.

Vertical Sheer Shades for Sliding Patio Doors


  1. Sliding Panel Tracks

Sliding panels are the definitive modern and stylish alternative to vertical blinds, coming in large panels that move along a track from left to right. Choose a solar fabric, which has small openings in the fabric that allow you to see through while blocking excess glare and heat.

  • Can be chosen from a variety of openness percentages from 1% to 14%

  • Provides privacy during the day, when it is dark inside and bright outside, but not at night time when you have lights on indoors.

  • They ensure smooth operation, performance and durability.

  • Enjoy the scenic view on your patios while letting in natural light to fill your space.

Sliding Panel Tracks for Patio Glass Doors


  1. Zebra Sheer Shades

Zebra Sheer Shades are a popular alternative to regular shades that have two hanging layers of fabric with alternative sheer and solid stripes. As you move the shade up and down, the stripes overlap to block light or let light and the view through.

  • Can be adjusted to provide privacy, or to let you see through.

  • Come in horizontal style only, so it is recommended to divide your patio door into multiple Zebra Sheer Shades.

  • An excellent choice when you are looking to get a partial view through your windows while providing protection to your room.

  • Amazing ideas for colorful dining room window treatments

Zebra Sheer Shades for Sliding Patio Doors


  1. Window Film :

Window films are one of the best solutions to reduce the glare – but also cut out the heat by up to 70%.

  • It’s simple, elegant and cost effective and doesn’t change the look or feel of your dining room.

  • Professionally installed, Hi-Tech Window Film prevents the transference of heat through your glass to stop entering your room.

  • Along with cutting down on the heat in your room, it doesn’t hamper the beautiful outside view.

  • They reflect back harsh UV rays, heat and glare saving you from harmful consequences.

  1. Sheer Shades :

Also known as horizontal sheer shades, these are one of the best options for any room or style. The sheer shades function similar to a roller shade but have vanes that tilt open when the shade is lowered to the bottom, providing a clear view through its sheer fabric and letting in additional filtered light. It is used for the ideal view and perfect artistic look.

  • You can offer an ideal view of any window as they are available in three distinctive vane sizes.

  • Sheer shades provide a mixture of the style of blinds with the usefulness of shades.

  • For light control or complete outside view, the vanes of sheer shades can be tilted completely open when the shade is lowered all the way.

  • It provides complete privacy and diffuses the light into the room when the vanes are closed.

 Sheer Vertical Shades for Patio


There are many window treatments that are appropriate for privacy and can help you to give you a beautiful scenic view, while at the same time restricting the sunlight and providing protection and comfort. Choose the window treatment carefully that works for your needs. If you are in particular need of privacy, go for a treatment that can be adjusted for views or complete light blockage, such as vertical shades. If you’d rather have a clear view through the fabric itself at all times, go for a solar fabric sliding panel.

These shades are customized especially in order to best fit in your room. So, give your home a beautiful look while obtaining your desired amount of light control.

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