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Window Treatments that Look Best from Outside

Window Treatments that Looks Best from Outside

An Outside Home Transformation for a Versatile Outlook

There is nothing more essential than revamping your architectural design. While most of us will only concentrate on the inside of the house, it’s equally important to look at the outside decorations. Since it’s the first thing your neighbors and visitors will notice, it can make or break your home’s first impression. The perfect exterior decoration often reflects the overall style of your home and expresses your personality at the same time.

When you are all set to remake your exterior space, the first thing you should consider is the style or component you wish to go for. There are several interior styles available which include Victorian, Mediterranean, and Modern – so continue with your research and make your decision which will reflect your style. But whatever design you choose, make sure the materials or color combination you apply for your exteriors will add a finishing touch while creating a lively ambiance. Your home, especially the outside part, will determine your personal taste and represent who you are, so make it stunning and outstanding as much as possible.

When we talk about outer decoration – the 3 main factors which are visible and we should consider is the architectural design, color or texture of the wall, and the windows.

 If you want to follow old-fashion trends, then go for a Victorian or Craftsman home. For a sleek look, opt for modern design. Always, consider the location, ambiance of the space, your budget, and then plan accordingly.
 Now when it comes to exterior material or color option, most of us get confused because of an endless number of hue choices available in the color palette. The final tone you select will represent the overall style of the home. Neutral tones (black, white, and grey) always look best from outside and give a contemporary feeling. If you own Victorian home, then bold colors are ideal like brown or beige.
 It’s time to consider the doors and windows which are the main way of getting natural vibes. They are the reason for home’s security and enhance the curb appeal of your home. But they need to be covered properly for advanced benefits. Window treatments are the best way to spice up your home’s exterior look and provide your indoor with various benefits – you enjoy a soft glowing natural light and the right ambiance while getting privacy.

Let’s look at the window dressings that will look good from the outside. We all know that incredible textures and patterns of window shadings can make the indoor vibrant and beautiful, but what about the outside? If you are searching for the answer, then this article might help you to get the best solution.

Window Coverings that Look Astounding from Outside

Don’t be panic about the window solutions that can look amazing from outside because we have shortlisted some of the unique designs that can really create a true impression for your home.

Plantation Shutters: Window shutters are a great way to add a beautiful appeal which looks best from the outer area. With the bright and bold louvers, they can complement any type of home design. Their variety of colors and patterns will create a splendid and cohesive look. If you have wide windows, then opt for the single designed window shutters which will maintain the uniformity of the windows.
When it comes to functional aspects, they are phenomenal. From blocking out the excess light to insulation, shutters are excellent in every way. These window dressings are custom-made and can be customized as per your requirements. They need little maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them as often as your fabric window shades. Install them now to get a high-end outlook which is worthy and will never go out of style.

Plantation Shutters

Faux Wood Blinds: If you are looking for some economical yet versatile option, then custom faux wood blinds are a way to go. With this option, you can have a traditional style while enhancing the natural appearance.

Faux Wood Blinds for Curb Appeal

Honeycomb Blinds: When you see the windows from the street and thinking to give a clean and clear finishing touch, then without giving a second thought, install cellular honeycomb shades. The shade has gained popularity because of their insulation feature and when mixing up with the right hue, they create a remarkable appearance from outside.

Honeycomb Blinds

Roller Window Shades: If you are looking for something that will look good on every interior design especially on the modern designs, then roller shades are a perfect selection. Their solid fabric looks great when you see from outside which will never be creased or crumpled. But it is suggested that if you have a traditional home, then layer draperies on top.

Roller Window Shades

Drapery: Window draperies or curtains are easily visible from outside which create a sophisticated and chic look from both inside and outside of the home. They are extremely functional and make your home look unique and distinct.
Install any of the above window coverings to create a minimalistic look. But don’t forget to order free samples before installing them because they will help you to understand which one will work best for your home.

Drapery for Curb Appeal

Window Shades Which are not Recommended

There are some window treatments which are not at all perfect for creating a perfect appeal and don’t look great from outside. For example, roman window shades and woven wood shades are popular because of their fashionable and textured beauty but their crisped fabric can look odd from behind. Even aluminum mini blinds with their small slats can create too much of a busy and industrial look.

Things to Remember While Choosing Window Designs

While selecting the window treatments, if you are not sure where to start or how to start then follow this simple trick.
Go for white lining or fabrics which can easily match with the exterior part of your home or pick a single color and design for all the windows or the windows that face the street side.
But if you don’t feel like giving all the windows same design, then at least match the main treatment and mix up the things inside of the home by pairing them with different curtains.

And always keep all the solutions in the same position which means if one solution is lowered to halfway, then do the same for all the windows.

Note: Always keep the outside of the home clean, clear, and trimmed, otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense to get the window coverings that will change the appeal of the home. An outsider will first notice the front space of the home before anything else!

Grasp Your Neighbor’s Attention by Installing the Right Window Dressing

If you want to increase the beauty of your home from both inside and outside of the home, the follow the above decorative elements which will not only make the outsiders feel good but also make you feel proud and more comfortable in your own home. Get all the inspirational ideas by exploring all the window solutions. To pick up the right one, always consult with the professional designers!

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