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A Window treatments is work-in-progress

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Getting it right is not rocket science.

Is it possible for anyone to get their window treatment perfect at the first attempt? Attaining perfection at the first attempt is possible though highly improbable because window dressing projects involve numerous variables and is dependent upon various disciplines each of which is an area of specialty by itself. Window dressing ideas stem from individual decor inspirations.

The Variables.

The significant variables are the climate of the region, the location, the civil structure of the building, the orientation of the doors and windows, the material used for fabricating the frames and panels and last but not least the workmanship.

The Colors.

Once the structure of the building is made available to the homeowner, another set of variables come into play before the window dressing project can commence. These are the color schemes used on the walls, the location and finish of the furniture and other accouterments and the choice of upholstery.

The Budget.

The homeowner needs to be aware that each variable will have an influence on the effort to get it right with the first effort. When we get our window treatment right, even an ordinary interior can be converted into one that conveys a sense of ease and induce an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort right through the year and the varying seasons. However, with the ideal within reach, the most important variable comes into play – the budget.

Managing the Impossible.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves; attaining perfection at the first attempt is difficult, if not impossible. So let’s start with the assumption that we can strive to come close to perfection in our initial attempt and come closer as we go through a series of seasonal cycles and the associated wear and tear.

When we think window treatment the first thing that we want to get right is the color scheme so that it matches perfectly with the general decor of the home. The level of perfection that can be attained as far as color is concerned is very high because color is highly personalized and is entirely related to the preference of the decision makers. If the homeowners manage to find the colors that suit his or her taste, then they have certainly got it right. The choice of color can do wonders to achieve the ambiance that one wishes to attain. White and blue suit situations that want to convey cleanliness and calmness. When we choose red or yellow or any other color from the available palette, we project aspects of our personality consciously or unconsciously. The impact of color is instantaneous, obvious and far-reaching, so it makes sense to do some research or seek help from specialists if required.



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Like we say about humans, color is only impact deep. The next layer of window treatment involves the appropriate type. Doors and windows generally occupy around 20% to 25% of wall space and are typically designed to take maximum advantage of the view and light that is available to the building. The choice of window treatment type will influence the control that the inhabitants will have over the view, the light and temperature control.

Very rarely does one window type suit the entire home. It must be a combination because each type of window coverings has its own positives and negatives, and the choice will depend on variables like the coverage area and the primary requirement. When the coverage area is large in terms of panel size drapery or vertical blinds can be considered. With the long fabrics that hang in loose folds, drapery can be easily controlled to provide complete coverage or openness. Drapery can comprise of single or multiple panels and can be rod pocket, grommet, pinch pleat, Parisian pleat with one way or two way draw as the situation demands. The point is that the choice of material is vast, and the impact that drapery has on decor is very pronounced. Drapery needs more maintenance than other treatment types because it is susceptible to dampness and dust that can be caused through lacunae in the other variables.

The large window coverings ecnomical Solution – The Vertical Window Blinds.

Vertical blinds are minimalistically elegant, enhancing decor more subtly. They can be micro-controlled for light filtering and are usually made of man-made material imbued with the correct stiffness to perform optimally. Vertical window blinds can be made of faux wood material, fabrics, Wood or vinyl PVC. They are easy to maintain and last long.

When window panels are smaller any treatment type can be used. Aspects that need to be taken into consideration would be the view, the light and darkness requirement and most of all the ease of control. Blinds, shades and shutters allow for easy automation and remote control. When the requirement is specialized as in kitchens, bathrooms and vents where the soot and moisture generation is of major consideration blinds and shades are seen to give the best return on investment.

As seasons unfurl, various chinks and flaws in the structure reveal themselves. These need to be plugged, and necessary modifications need to be made. Lower utility bills will be an indication of the success of the endeavor towards achieving perfection. It will always remain work-in-progress time while making us wiser will also take its toll on the material through wear and tear.



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