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DIY: Simple Steps to Hanging a Window Valance Box

Window Valance Box

DIY: Simple Steps to Hanging a Window Valance Box

Valances are designed using fabrics to be the decorative piece for the top part of the window. You can think of valances as the whipped cream gently spilling over the soft and delicious ice-cream sundae, covering any mess effortlessly and adding an extra layer of beauty. The purpose of the window valance box is to hide any unattractive piece of hardware for a cleaner look. They can be paired with other window treatment ideas to create interest. You can also use them to cover windows by themselves for a simple decorative accent.

Wooden Valance Box

A DIY window valance can be designed according to your theme and requirements. They are very simple and can be made using almost anything. You can keep them simple for a more formal look and add folds, pleats, and ruffles for an elaborate design statement. Let’s get familiar with some of the most common valances. A wooden valance box made of plywood and painted, stained or covered with fabric is known as a cornice. They come in handy to add architectural detail to the plain windows and rooms. A swag window valance is usually a loose piece of material that seems to carelessly throw across the window over the rod to create a shabby cottage-like ambiance.


Valance window treatments are objects worthy of obsession. In this post, we will share some DIY tips and techniques on how to hang a valance box that would help change the look and feel of your home. Further, we will also guide you with the step by step procedure to create a professional looking DIY valance which lasts for years.

Window Valance Ideas


DIY No-Sew Window Valance Ideas

Making this pretty and ambiance changing DIY valance box will hardly take one hour of your time.  Once you complete 2 or 3 of them, you will start knowing what you are doing and the next set will be completed pretty quickly. Unlike wooden valances, this one will be very lightweight and easy to install.

To start with the procedure, you will need one polystyrene insulation panel. You can get around six 13 inches X 48 inches panels for under $10. It’ll be so fun and easy to make these valances window treatments that you’ll want to make them for everyone!

No Sew Window Valances


Material and Supplies needed for DIY Window Valance Box Ideas:

  • Polystyrene panels
  • Glue gun
  • Straight pins
  • Fabrics of your choice and a piece of white fabric
  • Straight edge
  • Hammer
  • Crafting knife


Let’s get started.

  1. The first thing to do is to determine the height of your DIY window valance box. We recommend around 10-12 inches will be more than enough. The width will be determined by the width of your window. Keep in mind to add an extra 1-1.5 inches to the width of the window to craft a proper front piece. Cut the polystyrene panel to that size using a straight edge and craft knife. In total, you will need 3 pieces – one front and two side pieces.
  2. Now using liquid adhesive or hot glue gun attach the side pieces to the back edge along each side of valance’s front piece. If you are using a hot glue gun, then you might see polystyrene melting. But, don’t worry. The edges won’t be visible after the valance is complete.


For extra support, insert straight pins across the joints of the front and side pieces. Your window valance idea will start taking a basic shape now.

  1. Start cutting your fabric and lining it up according to the dimensions of your valance. It is important to take measurements large enough so that it is enough to be wrapped around covering the back of the valance. Now placing your decorative fabric with right side facing downwards with lining on top of it. Then place the front side of valance onto it. Now start wrapping the excess fabric to the back making sure that pattern is good. Use straight pins to attach the fabric to the panels and work your way around the valance.
  2. For neat corners and sides – pull the fabric up and around and insert straight pins at an angle for a good hold. You can either cut, fold or tuck the extra fabric inside. It is similar to wrapping a gift. Make sure the front and edges are smooth.
  3. Now, your DIY valance box is complete. All you need is an extra set of hands to hang it on your window. Once you have the required help, position the valance to the desired position and use a straight pin to attach it to the side of your window molding. To make it extra secure, add two or more pins to each side.
  4. If your windows are too long, use an extra layer of polystyrene panel to brace the back of your DIY box valance. You can use either liquid adhesive or hot glue to attach the two layers.

Fabric Window Valance


Don’t have moldings around your window? How do you hang a window valance box in such cases?

For such window valance ideas, you will need some extra supplies. In order to get started, you will require screws, 2-inch long L-shaped brackets, and brass fasteners for both sides of the valance. When you measure the width of the valance, proceed by adding 4 inches to the total width, i.e., 2 inches for each bracket. It will be a lot easier if you mount the brackets on the wall first and then hang the valance. You have to then identify the position where you want the valance on the wall. Once that is done, make sure to place the bracket exactly at the center of the position. Use the screws to hold the bracket in place. Now, hold the valance against it and gently push the brass fastener through its hole. You can even paint the brass fasteners with a similar shade so that it matches with the color of your patterned fabric.


Repeat the same procedure for the other side of the DIY valance box.

If you feel like the view from your room’s window needs improvement and you feel like doing something with that undecorated window, you are not alone. You can follow the above DIY steps to start crafting and hanging your new DIY window valance box that complements your style, all for a bit of time and effort, and not a lot of money. You will love the above DIY guide so much that you will soon have box valances all over your house.


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