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Your Window Dressings Colors and You

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Choosing colors for Window coverings

According to Pablo Picasso, “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions”. It can be vice-versa with our emotions following the changes of colors as well. A strong emotional bond exists between the colors around us and our emotions, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. That is the why we go green with envy, see red or feel blue. Colors not only describe the way we feel, they actually affect our feeling. In the last century, the human mind has been bombarded with millions of new color shades by the use of artificial pigments, not previously experienced by our ancestors. Fortunately, it is the basic colors that influence us, and not their hues and shades. Whew!

Apart from the colors, everything about your interiors can have a specific effect on your psyche, especially the subconscious. Have you noticed how a misaligned piece of furniture, a contrasting color or the asymmetry of a room distracts, stresses or frustrates you? Though we do look at objects as separate entities, our minds see everything as a whole. Hence, balance in symmetry and colors do make a tremendous impact on our psyche, emotions and response.

A Splash of Colors.


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When your interiors are pleasantly color co-ordinated, it can inspire happiness, serenity and relaxation in you. In the same way, colors can be responsible for annoyance or rage as well. Pay attention to the color you opt for in your interior decor, since every color has its own psychological and emotional value.

Window coverings, furniture, flooring, and wallpaper or paint make for color elements in a room. Create harmony between them by choosing appropriate colors that either balance or complement each other. Do not splash your room with too many colors, since they give your room a cluttered or busy appearance. Limiting the number of colors in the interior decor of a room to not more than four, gives it a neat and tidy appearance.

If you are moving into a new home, start by selecting the wall color, then continue by creating a balanced harmony of color on this canvass. Choose a theme to work on. Choose from some of popular interior decor themes like, contemporary, traditional, natural, beach, rustic, Asian or let your creativity come up with something unique and innovative.

Carry on with flooring, furniture and finally give it the decor a grand touch with your window covering ideas. The color of your window dressing can either blend in with your interiors or pop out by complementing it. Window treatment colors that are of same color tone of your interiors, but a few shades darker blend in easily. You can also choose subtle shades from your carpet or furniture to make a connection. Choose a bold color, if you want it to stand out, loudly calling for attention.

The color of your window treatments affects the aesthetic appeal of a room more than any other accessory, especially when the sunlight diffuses the color throughout your room.


How Colors Affect Your Psyche.


It is universally understood that the color ‘red’ spells danger. Many also identify the color black and yellow with poison. Maybe our psyche has learned to respond to the suggestions represented by these colors. Even without their suggestive powers, colors can be strong messengers working continuously on our minds and emotions. We can create positive energy in our homes and offices by harnessing the power of colors. Let us have a look at few basic colors on our psyche:

Red: Love, passion and dynamism on one hand and hate, rage, anger and aggression on the other. It gives a feeling of warmth. Research has proven that exposure to reds in excess can increase blood pressure. Definitely not suitable for bedrooms. But shades of red can adorn windows of a playroom, the gym or any area that is meant for high energy activity.

Blue: Peace, strength, relaxation and calm. It is a color of faithfulness and romance. Suitable for window coverings in bedrooms, waiting rooms, etc.

Green: Color of Nature, growth, tranquility and hope. Window coverings in green can give your room a connection with nature. Ideal for nurseries.

Yellow: Cheerful, stimulating, and increases mental activity. Golds and yellows are at their best when diffused sunlight streams in through their fabrics. Yellow window coverings are good for your office, study, lecture halls or libraries.

Purple: Rich, sophistication, luxury and creativity. Spreads a feeling of restfulness and calm in a soothing manner.

Black, white, Gray, Brown: Neutral colors that can be used wisely to tone down or highlight other color schemes.

Color Types.


When we think of color types, usually it is a rainbow that comes into our mind. But, colors are categorized based on their characteristics as active, passive and neutral.

Bright colors such as orange and red excite mind and body. It is the perfect color for people who go through depressive bouts but are not suitable for the physically weak. Extroverts pick bright colors for their interiors because they love the energy exuded by these colors.

Passive colors move around the shades of blue on color cycle. They have a very calming and relaxing effect on your body and mind. They help you in increasing your focus and concentration by relaxing your high strung muscles. Beige, tan, cream, pastels, blue, purple, silver and gold are some of the very popular passive colors in window coverings.

The safe bet is to opt for neutral colors like ivory, taupe, black, gray, brown or white because they are more likely to blend into a decor effortlessly. They do not fade and lose shine as quickly as bright active colors do. Check out the undertones of any hue you choose, and watch it come out strongly when direct sunlight falls on them.

Light colored window coverings give room an expansive ambiance, making them appear bright, airy and large. On the other hand, darker shades give your room sophisticated, chic and warm ambiance, creating a closed, intimate atmosphere.

Since window treatments are available in a wide spectrum of colors today, you can pick the one that suits your personality, requirement, and taste, besides increasing the visual appeal of your decor. Know your colors for a splash of happiness in your life!



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