Designer Zebra Sheer Shades

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Designer Zebra Sheer Shades Capri Ice
Designer Zebra Sheer Shades Capri Ice Designer Zebra Sheer Shades Milan White Designer Zebra Sheer Shades Venice White

  • Modern styles and versatile functionality
  • Excellent light and privacy control
  • Two layers of horizontal slats - with alternating stripes of sheer fabric and either light filtering or room darkening material
  • Complements your home interiors with fashionable fabrics

Designer Zebra Sheer Shades Product Detail


  • The classic Zebra-style mechanism allows for superior privacy and light control options. Align the stripes to block more light and provide privacy, or to let in more light and open up the view.
  • These shades can be rolled up entirely into the cassette valance and function similar to a standard roller shade.
  • By blocking the sunlight and harmful UV rays, the shades protect your health and furniture from damage.
  • Designer Zebra Sheer Shades come with a fabric wrapped cassette valance and color coordinated beaded chain.
  • You can choose between room darkening and Light Filtering Sheer shade fabrics in alluring colors.
  • Very easy to install and maintain.


Our designer fabrics are made of 100% polyester and feature a variety of colors and textures to give the room a distinct character without being too overwhelming. The light filtering stripes are 2 ⅞ to 3”, with 2” sheer stripes, except the Naples fabrics that have a larger 3 ⅞ to 4” room darkening stripe with a 2.5” sheer stripe.


  • Cool and Contemporary. The Capri collection features a gentle texture across an array of fresh and neutral colors ranging from a soft white to greys and black.
  • Capri sheer stripes are made with netting, with thick lines in the color of the chosen fabric.
  • Excellent choice for something that isn’t too out there but still carries a sleek modern look.


  • The Milan Collection features a soft striped texture and carries a sense of opulence with its colors ranging from white to yellow-golds.
  • Unlike Capri, the Milan sheer stripes have no distinct lines and are stunningly smooth.
  • Choose Milan if you’re looking for just a hint of sophistication and luxury.


  • Strikingly Modern. The Venice collection is defined by its metallic lustre and unique black yarns in its weave, resulting in a gorgeous finish that is sure to turn heads.
  • Fabric colors range from white and black, to shimmering gold and silver.
  • Venice Sheer stripes are characterized by the vertical black stripes, offering a unique texture from afar and beautiful detail up close


  • Natural Beauty. The Florence collection effortlessly blends with any room, offering a multi-toned texture that mimics the look of wood grain. These fabrics come in natural colors ranging from a beige to a dark brown.
  • The Florence sheer stripes feature a straight lattice that offers a bit of texture but doesn’t distract from the rest of the shade.
  • An excellent choice if you like the colors and texture of natural wood.


  • The Naples collection features room darkening fabrics with horizontal striped textures. These fabrics come in a variety of metallic colors..
  • Naples fabrics also have oversized color stripes, sized at 3 ⅞” to 4”. These larger stripes allow the room darkening bands to better overlap the sheer fabrics, providing even better light control.
  • Choose Naples for subtlety and functionality, while remaining contemporary and on-trend

Designer Zebra Sheer Shades add a soft and sophisticated look to any space of your home. Explore all our fabric choices and get free samples and free shipping on your order.

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