Crown Ultimate Slumber Cellular Shades

Crown Ultimate Honeycomb Cellular Shades

Style never quits with Crown Cellular Shades. For the designer who loves to combine function with beauty, the sleek lines and pleated front of these shades will speak volumes about window treatment fashion. The unique Cellular honeycomb pockets structure of the fabric provide great sound and thermal insulation, as they trap air within the shade fabrics. Whether you aim to create a classic look or a bohemian vibe, crown cellular shades can suit any style. The Top-down-bottom-up or the TDBU cellular shades give the unique controlling of shades that can lower from the top or raised from bottom to give better privacy.The ultimate cellular shades of the crown have side tracks or channels on both sides of the cellular shade to provide additional sound or thermal insulation and to cut down the light seepage completely. The ultimate blackout blinds with the side tracks give complete light blockage and sound proofing. This got the functionalities of slumber honeycomb shades.

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