2 inch Cordless Faux Wood Blinds Crown

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If you love the look of real wood blinds, then 2 inch cordless faux wood blinds are the classy and attractive choice which provides your space with grace, charm, and beauty. These durable and eco-friendly window blinds are the alternative to wood or metal blinds. Most importantly, these custom faux wood blinds are water and moisture resistant. They are also available in white, which is an excellent match to help bring elegance and a positive atmosphere to your room, enhancing your mood, and your physical and mental health. Because of the cordless feature, these window treatments are the perfect choice for homes with kids or pets, where safety is a concern.

2 inch Cordless Faux Wood Blinds Crown Product Detail

Unique Features of 2-inch Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

Below are the reasons that will tell you why 2-inch cordless faux wood blinds are one of the bestchoices to consider for your beautiful modern home.

Light Control – When the slats are closed, they block out the excess light, heat, and harmful UV rays while reducing your energy bills.

Durability – These custom faux wood blinds are made of PVC material, which makes them extremely durable to withstand any extreme weather. So whatever the weather is, they will never warp, crack, split, or fade. These blinds are perfect to install in any high humidity areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, or any moist room in the home.

Cost Factor – When it comes to price, 2-inch cordless faux wood blinds are the least expensive option in the market of window fashion.

Advantages of cordless feature – Nowadays, apart from style and fabric options, homeowners are looking for safety features in their window treatments which will keep their family safe and secure. Almost all window treatments have a corded option which can end up being dangerous for your little ones. That is the reason, for your safety, we have an affordable cordless blind. These cordless faux wood blinds eliminate the strangulation of window cords which can cause a deadly hazard for homes with kids and pets. You will not find any dangling cord on the floor or in the sink. You can raise and lower the window blinds easily and smoothly without any hassle. To operate these child-safe cordless faux wood blinds, pull down on the bottom rail and to raise the blinds, simply pull up the bottom rail.

Apart from protection, the cordless feature is responsible for the aesthetic appeal of your room. They provide your space with a clean, uncluttered, streamlined, modern look that will complement your home decor.

Cleaning Procedure – These custom faux wood blinds are very easy to clean and maintain for. You can clean them by dusting or vacuuming. For a better result, attach a soft brush to your vacuum cleaner.

Want to learn more about these cordless faux wood blinds? Contact us! Otherwise, order free samples to explore how these 2-inch cordless faux wood blinds will look on your virtual windows. Browse now to get these amazing blinds at a reasonable price only at ZebraBlinds, along with the benefit of free shipping!


- Cordless mechanism raises and lowers the blind
- Wand left only
- Child safe - No cords for children or pets to get tangled in, No cords on the floor or in the sink
- Modern materials (foamed pvc) to assure that this blind will never warp, split, crack or fade
- Impervious to moisture - Can be used in kitchens, baths or any room in the home
- Environmentally sound - no depletion of vital forestland
- A durable, economical alternative to wood or metal blinds
- Practical plastic is scratch resistant and easy to clean
- Hidden snap in bracket system for a trim appearance
- Care - just dust or vacuum using the soft brush attachment

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