Crown Exterior Solar Shades

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The primary objective of solar shades is to protect your home from the scorching and harsh heat rays. This can be achieved successfully by one of the best in class Solar Shades from Crown. This Crown Exterior Solar Shade is made of premium quality material that ensures that the heat rays are successfully blocked. There is a huge scope and possibility of customization on your part as there are a number of fabric styles available in these shades.

Crown Exterior Solar Shades Product Detail

Preserve the sheen and beauty of the carpets, decorative items, flooring, furniture etc. by installing these solar shades in your living area. You can also enjoy your favorite movie on the television screen or play your favorite game on the computer as the glare on the screens can be minimized by a considerable amount once you install these solar shades. The different fabrics that can be chosen for these shades are as follows- 10% Openness Tabby that blocks 90% of the UV rays, 15% Openness Leno that blocks 85% of the UV rays, 5% Openness Tabby that blocks 95% of the UV rays and 3% Openness Tabby that blocks 97% of the UV rays. So choose the material of the shades as per your needs and requirements. There are different color choices available for each type