Crown Light Filtering Roller Shades

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Have you been wondering about the best shades that would beautify the windows of your home? Then you have found the answer in the Crown Roller Shade as they have a look that resembles that of fine and stylish curtains, however, these shades have the added benefit of providing you with adequate light control capabilities. The light filtering feature of these shades ensures that your home is illuminated in a gentle way and helps you usher in a very cozy and comfortable ambiance for your home.

Crown Light Filtering Roller Shades Product Detail


Light Filtering

Warm natural light pouring into your rooms helps to brighten your mood - but the glare can be a problem! These shades reduce the harmful glare while letting in a soft glow of natural light. The degree of light control varies depending on the color of the fabric.


Preserve your privacy with the help of translucent fabric of your smart shades. While these shades let in a soft glow of light, they are not see through. At most you would see shadows if someone is standing close to the shade.

Reduces Heat Gain

Your smart shades help to prevent heat gain during summer and provide protection from UV rays. With automated control, they are extremely efficient at reducing heat when needed.

The choice of having these shades as inside mount or outside mount completely lies with you. These shades are made of high-quality polyester that is woven with great precision and care. These are available in a single panel, and these roller shades are very easy to operate. These look ultra sleek, and the finesse with which they can be raised or lowered is something that you should watch out for. These  do not emit any sound when they are being raised or lowered and do not emit any harmful or hazardous toxins, thereby, they are  safe for your sweet home. These shades help in protecting the expensive furniture and decor of your home as these shades allow filtered light only to enter your home, so discoloration of expensive décor is out of the question. The  varieties of color choices that are available for these shades are Ash, Black, Coffee, Iv