Crown Light Filtering Solar Shade

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The Solar Shades from Crown are one of the most effective solutions for your windows as they are very helpful in light filtering the sunlight that enters your home is limited. These shades are extremely sophisticated and exude style by their unique design and detailed craftsmanship. You can get the accessibility to the outside world and at the same time the intervention from the outside world can be limited to the minimum by installing these Solar Shades from Crown.

Crown Light Filtering Solar Shade Product Detail

These solar shades from Crown are available in multiple colors and fabric styles that make it very easy for you to synchronize the overall look of your home. You wish to have the energy efficient home this can be made delivered with the help of these Crown Solar Shades. These are available in the form of 10% Openness Tabby that blocks90% of the UV rays, 15% Openness Leno that blocks 85% of the UV rays, 5% Openness Tabby that blocks 95% of the UV rays and 3% Openness that blocks Tabby Value of the UV rays. Some of the most loved color choices that are available for these shades are Chocolate, Charcoal, Ecru, Silver, Ivory and White. You can also opt for the cordless or continuous cord loop lift system. Therefore, there is a wide scope of being able to customize these shade as per one’s taste, choice and requirements. You can also elevate the look of these shade further by choosing your customization wisely. You can opt for a cassette valance, external bottom hem bar, etc. These shades are Greenguard certified that ensures that they are eco-friendly. The overall quality of air indoors will not be vitiated by any toxins as these shades do not emit any unhealthy toxins and thus make sure that an environmentally safe which is provided to you and your family. These are very economically priced in comparison to the stylish avatar that these shades have.


Solar shades by design will not provide full privacy at night time or when it's dark outside. Even at a low transparency such as 1%, the shades are designed to be see through to whichever side has more light. This means that during the day, you can see outside while having privacy, however, at night time when the lights are on inside, you will lose privacy.

Light Gap

The Fabric Width is narrower than the Finished Shade Width of the tube and its components or Cassette Valance.