Crown Motorized Skylight Blackout Cellular Shades

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  • Best-in-class skylight shades on the market
  • Wide selection of elegant colors available
  • Blackout fabrics with Mylar coating for increased thermal insulation
  • Remote controlled operation of the shades

Crown Motorized Skylight Blackout Cellular Shades Product Detail

Crown Motorized skylight blackout cellular shades are the best window treatments on the market for your angled or skylight windows. 

  • The blackout fabrics coated with Mylar increase the thermal insulation inside the room. 
  • They are available in single and double cells with the latter having a higher R-value factor.
  • Functional with RF remote controls, making it convenient to manage hard-to-reach windows.
  • The 12-volt reloadable battery tube with reloadable batteries can be mounted on the ceiling. Solar rechargeable options available.
  • Insulation helps save on your energy bills for extreme Canadian temperatures. 
  • Easy to clean with brush or vacuum cleaner.

So if you have a country cottage in a rural areas or high rise windows in your home, Automatic Skylight Shades are the best way to regain control of the insulation and light of your skylight window..


- Adjust skylight shade to your favorite position with just a touch of a button
- Save on energy bills
- Minimize fading of furniture, upholstery, carpets and artwork by dulling the intensity of direct sunlight shining on them
- Available in light filtering and blackout options

- Power Options:

Crown Cellular Skylight Shades are available in 3 Power Options -

1) Battery Wand

You can mount the 12-volt battery wand on the wall or ceiling, according to your need, utilize white battery wand clips available with the product. The battery tube is reloadable, a feature that allows customers to purchase and replace batteries with ease. Lithium batteries are highly recommended.

2) Plug-in Power Source

For those who desire an alternative option to the battery wand, Crown skylight shades also come with a DC Power supply. Each 12-volt power supply can operate a single skylight shade. The white DC power supply module requires a standard power outlet for the operation of shades.

3) Solar Recharge Upgrade

Now, responsible citizens can harness the power of the sun to recharge batteries to operate their motorized shades – do away with the disposal of Alkaline or Lithium batteries with the Solar recharge option from Crown. The Solar Panel converts the sun's light into electrical energy with simplistic ease, eliminating the need to recharge batteries time and again.

If the solar panel receives full direct sunlight for a minimum of 4-6 hours per day, it will maintain full charg