Crown Horizontal Sheer Shades

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Make your windows look glamorous and fashionable by installing these sheer horizontal shades that can help you improvise and elevate the beauty quotient of the interior decoration of your entire home. These are one of the best sheer shades that made by Crown and ensures that a sufficient amount of light controlling abilities is endowed to your home.

Crown Horizontal Sheer Shades Product Detail

Horizontal Sheer Shades Product Details

These horizontal window coverings come with a floating vane between  two sheer panels. The sheer part of the panels can be closed by tilting the shades. The fabric of these shades is made of non-toxic materials  and  available in colors like white, ivory, beige and chocolate. The vanes in between the sheers come in two sizes 2” and 2¾”. The availability of multiple colors ensures that you have the opportunity in hand to color coordinate the décor of the entire home. These shades are ideal choices for large windows as the maximum width and height available for these shades is of 96”. The minimum height and width available for these shades are 12” and 18” respectively.

The bottom rail is available in an Ivory color that gives the shades a brilliant look on an overall basis. The purpose of the sheer shades is to give you the amount of illumination that you will feel comfortable with. Maintaining and cleaning these window coverings is also very easy. Since these shades are made of premium quality polyester, you can clean them with the help of damp cloth. You can also use a vacuum cleaner in the minimum setting to clean these shades. In case, there is some stain on the shades then you can just use mild soapy water to clean these shades. In order to avoid a lackluster look for the shades ensure that you do not use chemically intense cleaners on them.

These shades are exclusively available only with Zebrbalinds Canada. Installing these shades is also pretty effortless. So order these shades today and guarantee a mesmerizing look for the interior decoration of your home.

Light Gap

The Fabric Width is narrower than the Finished Shade Width of the tube and its components or Cassette Valance. The fabric will be 1 1/2" to 1 5/8" narrower than the shade/cassette valance width.

Horizontal Sheer Shades Product Specifications