1 Inch Crown TDBU Cordless Light Filtering Pleated Shades

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Pleated Shades transform the interiors of your home to give them that striking look. For any practical or modern makeover, adorn your windows with these window treatments. Along with looks, you also get to control over natural light and privacy at the same time. 

This is made possible with the unique mechanism of the top-down bottom up lift function, which allows light to flow inside while also maintaining privacy. So grab these beautiful Crown shades and get your money's worth.

1 Inch Crown TDBU Cordless Light Filtering Pleated Shades Product Detail

Reasons to Choose Top Down Bottom Up Pleated Shades

The Top-Down Bottom-Up Pleated Shades give convenience and comfort like no other product in the market. Innovatively crafted to let in light while maintaining privacy and your view is no easy feat. Open the shades from the top to let in light and let you see outside, and maintain privacy on the bottom half of your window.

  • They are available in various light filtering fabrics in appealing eye colors and improve the light control inside the room.
  • So get some work done away from any peeping eyes with these innovative light-filtering cordless shades.
  • There are no noticeable dangling cords, so they are perfectly safe for kids and pets to run about in the house. 
  • Maintenance also pretty easy as you can just dust or vacuum

The Consumer Safety Commission advises lowering the top only to half the length of the shade to warrant a safe and secure environment.

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