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Graber exterior solar shades provide for an excellent exterior view and coolness with unmatched quality. These shades are best used to shield the windows, doors, patios, porches, decks and terraces where the sun is intense. As these shades are manufactured from fabric that is specially designed to reduce glare and heat gain, they are an ideal choice of exterior window treatment in Canada. All the hardware of these shades is made rugged to withstand the rough outside weather of Canada. These solar shades come in 1%, 3%, 5%, 7% and 10% openings to cut down the sun’s UV rays and to absorb the sun light glare, considerably reducing the heat.

Graber Exterior Solar Shades Product Detail

Exterior Solar Shades from Graber® are indeed a smart choice for those conscientious about using eco-friendly solutions for homes and commercial establishments. They are the best window treatments to protect from the scorching heat due to sunlight in summer; solar shades are found to be more efficient in the long run. The solar shades openness factor of 1%, 3%, 5%, 7% and 10% determine the light passage through this shades and the amount of UV rays that block.

They are also meant to enclose open spaces so that they become a part of your home, and give you privacy. Shades will block the view from outside to inside on daytime while you are still able to access an excellent view outside. These exterior solar shades fabrics are Microban and Green-Guard certified. That means the shades are produced with an antimicrobial technology that protects against molding and bacteria. Green-Guard certification means that shades release low levels of emissions, and are certified safe for your use. The fabric or material used in the manufacture of these shades is that of woven polyester- vinyl-fiberglass blends – its versatile durability allows it to withstand any inclement weather condition. These solar shades are available in a variety of colors that enables them to merge seamlessly with the exteriors. Opt for attractive curved aluminum extruded Cassette Valances that will elevate the finish of these shades. Available in powder-coated brown, vanilla and white, they are protected from outdoor elements of Canadian weather.

Exterior solar shades eliminate the necessity of having to use other window treatments for interiors, especially in commercial spaces. While allowing for an unobstructed outdoor view, blocking out the harmful UV rays, thereby protecting walls, paintings, upholstery, rugs and wooden floors from bleaching out. Due to the blockage of the UV rays and sunlight glare, solar heat gain is substantially reduced, allowing the indoors to remain cool and balmy. This feature of the solar shades provides for optimal energy efficiency – considerably reducing the need seasonal air conditioning.

The continuous-loop lift system – this option comes with a beaded stainless steel chain and clutch system that makes for smooth lifting and lowering of the shades. It comes engineered with a clutch that allows it to stay in the desired position without slipping. A chain safety guide is included in this system as it prevents any strangulation hazards. The shade is provided with hold-down brackets system that can withstand the Canadian weather, with which Hem Bar hold-downs secure the shades to window frames or decks/patios, etc. It is recommended that exterior shades are kept raised in inclement weather conditions! These solar shades are designed with hem bars to keep them weighted down when lowered.

The 10% exterior solar shades fabrics are constructed from a fabric of a relatively open weave to maximize light-filtering, allowing for maximum enjoyment of the outdoors while relaxing on a deck or of the outdoor view from any room.


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