Graber Virtual Cord Smart Hub

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Graber Virtual Cord Smart Hub enables you to access your smart window shades from your iOS or Android device. This smart hubsystem provides the homeowner with multiple benefits.
Graber Virtual Cord Smart Hub
Graber Virtual Cord Smart Hub

It is all about control, comfort, and convenience. At any point at any given day, you can access your window shades with the help of a smart hub system. Talk about having shade control at your fingertips. Such a system offers quick shading solutions for homeowners. It is suitable for those who don’t have a smart home and don’t have the budget for one. With Graber’s Virtual Corda smart hub, intelligent motorized shades, and your smartphone, you get dependable shading solutions.

Quick access to easy shading solutions

Graber’s Virtual Cord Smart Hub has intelligent control, and it is compatible with Alexa and Google Home as well. The smart hub helps you take charge of your incoming natural light for your living spaces, allowing you to set scheduling and control through a shade control app for iOS or Android devices.

Graber Virtual Cord Smart Hub Product Detail

Benefits of Graber Virtual Cord Smart Hub

The virtual cord smart hub is super user-friendly and a perfect addition to your home. It quickly links with the Z-wave shades for an integrated experience.

User-friendly setup:With your fingertips, access your window shades via the tablet or phone. Easy set-up gives you convenient control either for one shade or multiple shades in your home. You decide which shades should raise or lower in which room. The choice is yours.

Personalized control:Get complete shade control with the smart hub. It programs your window shades to open and close whenever you want.

Smart home integration: Control your window shades with the virtual cord app. As a result, it can link up with smart devices, like Alexa and Google Home.

Convenience:Set scheduled operations and more. Before bedtime, lower the shades in the kid’s room. Or along with the sunrise, you can raise the shades in your bedroom.

Safety:Keep your loved ones safe by controlling the shades when you want to deter potential robberies and enhance home security.

Energy efficiency:With a smart hub, you take the driver’s seat to incoming light control. Reduce the energy bills and give relief to your heating or cooling equipment. During the summer months, reduce heat gain, and during the biting cold, get superb insulation that keeps your interiors warm.

Aesthetic value:With these cutting-edge shading solutions installed in your home, you will be making a bold, powerful décor statement. Such a hub system enforces beauty as well as functionality.

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