Grommet Crown Drapery Panels

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The Grommet Drapery Panels Crown is one of the best options that one can get to be able to style up or deck up one’s windows. The windows coverings will not only look beautiful, but the entire beauty quotient of the home will increase by many folds after installing these beautiful Grommet Crown Drapery Panels. These panels are economically priced, and the aesthetics of these panels are far more superior when compared to any other drapery panels and accessories.

Grommet Crown Drapery Panels Product Detail

Some of the key features of the Grommet Crown is that the front and back of the panels are available in different colors that are well coordinated. The front of the Grommet Crown panel is available in Slalom and Anthracite color and has the finishing of the Satin Nickel grommets. The back of the panel is available in Milano and Pewter color and also has the finishing of the Satin Nickel grommets. These drapery panels  a